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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Why this team is 0-4...

Here is the link to the stats....

-59 in 4 games.... wow that is bad.


Anonymous said...

NEW Coach???

Thunnex said...

I think it’s quite a bit premature to be asking for a new coach. We're talking about a coach in Rob Sumner who has gone 157-103-30 in 4 seasons and 4 games as coach of the Tbirds. We're not talking about a coach with a losing record here. You can make the case that the Tbirds haven't enjoyed much in the way of playoff success but coaches (who are first time coaches at that) are usually given some time to achieve that success.

Anonymous said...

Is it still premature??? only reason for winning record is the talent he has had and they still don't win when it maters.

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