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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Well that didn't follow the script...

Tbirds lose both games over the weekend and start the season 0-2. This wouldn't be that bad if the losses on the road had come at the hands of say... Vancouver and Kelowna.... but losing to Prince George up there twice is certainly not the way anyone wanted the season to start when you are facing all of these road games in the first half.

TBirds score only twice in the two games, both by Jeremy Boyer... but both also coming on the Power Play, so at least that can be seen as a positive.

Obviously it was a bad weekend for the boys, but Jim O'Brien has been returned to the team and they will look to rebound next weekend in Tri-City and Everett.

A few other stats from the weekend... Dillon was -4, Acolatse, Leblanc and Nielsen were all -3 for the weekend. Sena and Leblanc end the weekend with 9 PIM's each and 4 players registered points. Boyer with 2 goals, Nielsen 2 assists and Leblanc and Richard each with an assist.

In other news... on Friday the Tbirds cut Mike Krgovich from the active roster. I would think with players coming back from NHL camps there are going to be some more moves coming.


Anonymous said...

I was one of the maybe 10 T-birds fans there over the weekend. Then again there were maybe only 1000 Cougar fans also. Game 1 Prince George just came out ready and strong beating us to every puck. But Game 2 we looked a lot better, a lot of positive to take out of that game, had Armstrong not been on his game we would have come back with a split. The one thing I took out of the weekend is that this team's success will rest on if Hickey is back or not.

Thunnex said...

that is probably well said... I think O'Brien helps, I think DeSerres is obviously key but I think this team goes only so far as Hickey goes and if he doesn't come back this team might be locked into 3rd in the division.

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