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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Monday Evening

Got a tip today that the team cut a few more players to reduce the roster.

Eddie Friesen, Reid Johnson, Chip Petrino and Matt Betker were all cut from the roster. I don't know whether any of those players were reassigned, de-listed, released, etc. I was just told they are no longer with the club.

Johnson doesn't surprise me too much... played decent but I thought was outplayed by Carlson in camp and I was surprised he made it to the exhibition games.

Friesen is a small surprise as I know they liked his game a little bit. It appears for now they are keeping Trumbley and Fleming.

Petrino... tough one. I thought the kid deserved a spot on the team but the team must have felt it wasn't enough to bump another player's spot. I hope he lands somewhere else... he played well.

Betker is a slight surprise to me over Hallick as all reports I had read said that Betker was a "hustle" type player. In my opinion, some of these guys were real close and the decision in the end might have hinged on keeping guys they traded for like Krgovich and Edwards

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