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Hockey Challenge 2014

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16 comments and one big win...

Silvester with the game winner tonight as Seattle gets a huuuuuuuuuuge win over Spokane on the road to move to 3-9-1 on the season.

Obviously the coaching issue set people off a little bit as 16 comments were made on my article about Rob Sumner. I suppose "Anonymous" will claim that tonight was a victory by talent and not by coaching? Seriously... you can't have it both ways. You can't claim coaching is the problem when you lose and the players get the credit when they win and I don't even know if that is what "Anonymous" will say... but I'm assuming that he or she will...

This was a big win for the Tbirds... Spokane is one of the best teams in the WHL and to steal not only 2 points but deny the Chiefs points is a huge plus. Having said that... Seattle must build on this and one win a season does not make. They have to come back strong tomorrow at home against Everett and take care of business and grab another two points.

I thought the Tbirds dominated this game tonight... Spokane's first goal was an unfortunate rebound by Jake DeSerres and the second was an excellent shot. Seattle dominated the action for much of the first period, most of the second and all of the latter half of the 3rd period and it finally paid off with goals by Rai, Nielsen and Silvester. The Silvester goal was an awesome flipped backhand through traffic over the shoulder of Tokarski to give the Tbirds a 3-2 lead.

The Tbirds enjoy a long bus ride home tonight and get right back to it tomorrow night at the Key against Everett.


Anonymous said...

I am very curious to see how Seattle plays tonight.

Anonymous said...

No one claimed that tonight was a victory was by talent, and No one asked to have it both ways. They won a hockey game against a very good team. So please don’t ass u me anything. The bigger question is can the string more than one game together.

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