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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Birds dropped by Kelowna 7-3

Tbirds drop another road game tonight 7-3 in Kelowna to the Rockets.

I did not see the game so I don't know if we are talking goaltending, defense or both tonight... but more of the same from Seattle on the road.

I know "anonymous" thinks I am simply excusing these poor performances... but that simply isn't the case. The Tbirds just aren't consistently being competitive on the road and that is unacceptable.... that said... my comments from this weekend remain the same. The goal is to end up around .500 by the new year and at least on the record board they aren't really that far from making that true. On the other hand... if you judge by performance they are still have quite a ways to go to become a .500 team.

Link to box score...
Tbird official story...

Key stats from tonight...

Chaffin... -3
Nielsen... -3
Scott... -2
LeBlanc... -2

Rai... 1 G, 1 A
Warg... -1, but also 2 A's
Hickey... 2 A's
O'Brien... Goal
Scott... Goal
DeSerres... 21/28


Unknown said...

As one of the two T-bird fans in the arena tonight... I'd say the 7th goal was all Jake (unfortunately), but at that point it didn't matter anymore. Most of the rest were a result of the D not picking up their men.

It was a good game up until the third period.

Anonymous said...

I think Regan Bartel's assessment sums it up, "The TBirds looked out of sync. For a skilled team they struggled passing, and created very few odd man rushes with their speed. For a team that has very few changes from a season ago, they play more as individuals that as a team. I can't point my finger on it, but this T-Bird team should be much better than it's record shows. I will cut them some slack with a wicked road schedule to start the season."

Anonymous said...

Tyler- while I do think you’re simply excusing their poor performances... you stated it best the Tbirds just aren't consistently being competitive and that is unacceptable. If they do end up at .500 by the new year with all of the road games it's not a great start, but one can argue it's acceptable. (not sure whom that will be) With that said their Wining Percentage is .300.

Anonymous said...

Very few changes from a year ago? Top scorer is gone (Holloway) two top d-men (Jackson & Olson) and their #1 goalie (Helenius) are all gone. Nobody has stepped up to fill those roles. Goaltending is the key. Look at how much trouble Kelowna is having finding a #1 goalie.

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