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Hockey Challenge 2014

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I'm just going to throw this out there...

How long do we wait until we decide this team might just not be that good?

I realize this is another road game against a good team... but your #1 goaltender gives up 4 first period goals and 6 overall up to this point.

How long do we wait to pass judgement considering the circumstances of the schedule?


Anonymous said...

I think the bigger question is what is up with Deserres? The team is looking terrible when he is in net and on the road.

Anonymous said...

Deserres looked rattled after the second goal, a soft goal through a gaping 5-hole. But Seattle thoroughly outplayed TC in the second. Quicker to the puck, more drive, and they finished their checks. I wouldn't give up on them just yet.


Kodi said...

A goalie needs both skill and confidence. If either of those are lacking then the odds of them winning a game is slim.

Jacob has skill, we saw that last year but he needs to rebuild his confidence and if that means playing him in games against the lower ranked teams in the league then so be it. I would hope that Calvin gets the start tonight.

As for the rest of the team, I believe they are coming together. It was nice to see Schapps back as well. They need to learn to come out blazing at the beginning of the game instead of making every game an uphill battle.

4thebirds said...

I agree with Kodi, they dig a hole early and just get too far behind. They play better with Pickard in goal IMO, maybe the lack of confidence that Deserres has rubs off on the team. I feel bad that Pickard got the loss last night, IMO he didn't deserve it. On the up side the team never gives up, that shows heart and heart will win you some games.

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