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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Hickey was not listed in the box score tonight for Los Angeles... my guess is that he will be back by next week.


myhoban said...

Should Hickey return, who do you suspect will be released?

Thunnex said...

purely a guess... but I doubt it would be a D man. I think maybe Parker and Edwards might be players they would look to reassign but I really haven't seen enough to know... I can probably formulate a more educated opinion after this weekend.

Kodi said...

My prediction is he is released today!

From inside the kings-

"The Kings changed things around a bit today with the lines. Here's how they skated...


Not sure exactly what to make of it. Moller had been skating with the top guys of late and Purcell got a chance today. The Kings are definitely still taking a long look at Moller but they seem a little uncertain about whether he's better suited at center or wing.

The defense pairs were Johnson-Greene, O'Donnell-Doughty, Gauthier-Preissing, and frankly that's how I would expect them to look when the season starts. The other dedicated pairing was Harrold-Piskula. That's probably not great news for guys such as Thomas Hickey and Alec Martinez.

Cuts are expected later today..."

Thunnex said...

Good find... you may well be correct. My thinking was they would keep him through this weekends two games to take a last look... but it looks like they might have made up their minds or at least have an idea.

Kodi said...

Looks like you are right. He made it past tonight's cuts.

They are currently sitting on 9 defense men 15 forwards and 3 goalies.

They will likely cut 2 defense men 1 forward and 1 goalie getting them to the magic number of 23.

Anonymous said...

I see three Birds on the bubble: the two you noted Parker and Edwards seem the most likely, and Haas could be a long-shot third. However, I have guessed wrong enough times that nothing suprises me anymore. As you said, we'll all see more this weekend...

Anonymous said...

Even if or when Hickey is back this team will be lucky to win 10 games. This could be the worst T-bird team we have ever seen. I think a roster overhaul is the only solution.

Thunnex said...

I'm sorry I just don't think that is a very accurate opinion.

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