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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Greg Scott update

I had an anonymous fan send me a message that Greg Scott is coming back to Seattle. I cannot find anything, anywhere that will confirm this... so let's not get too far ahead of ourselves here and we'll just call this a rumor for now.

If Scott is indeed coming back to Seattle... the Tbirds would have 4 O/A players and would have a decision to make on one of them before the deadline which I believe is in about a week and a half.


Greg Scott is returning to Seattle. The link to the Press Release can be found right here.


Anonymous said...

I speculate Jagow is the odd man out, but it could be leblanc the way he looked Saturday night. Cloud stays for sure. Bad for Greg Scott but good for the T-Birds

Anonymous said...

I agree that Jagow is probably the one to be out of a gig. I think Leblanc fits more with our fast paced style, despite his poor showing on Saturday.

myhoban said...

Jagow is on the trade wire...

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