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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Nielsen and Edwards update...

Couple of notes from last night....

Lindsay Nielsen was absent last night due to some family obligations.

Spencer Edwards was released by the Tbirds.


Anonymous said...

I think it’s quite a bit premature to be asking for a new coach.

Do you still feel this way??? Or are you starting to wake up???

Thunnex said...

Wide awake my devoted blog reader... I don't think you can judge a coach on an 11 game stretch.

You have to responsibly look at the body of the work when you're talking about a player or coach or anyone if you are going to try to run them out of town. Rob Sumner has a proven track record that does no suggest that he is the problem and actually suggests that he is a pretty solid coach. Keep in mind... only one coach every year gets to say they won a WHL championship and Sumner already has one banner in what has been one of the toughest divisions around the last 5 seasons (save for Portland).

So yes... WAY too early to be calling for a new coach and I would not even think about evaluating the coaching position until at least the off season.

Anonymous said...

The Blazers scored three third-period goals and beat the Seattle Thunderbirds, 5-2.

head still is sand????

Thunnex said...

If you say so I'm sure it is true... I won't, but you are welcome to continue calling for a new coach, be my guest.

I tend to have a more level head about things and not make rash judgements or decisions based on not even one quarter of the season.

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