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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Weekend Preview

Tonight Seattle plays in Everett and if history is any indication... I am going to the game tonight in Everett and I have never seen a TBird win in the EEC (maybe I should stay home?). It would be silly to elevate the importance of tonight's game to anything higher than say a 2 or a 3 on a scale of 1-10... but this game tonight is a little more important than a normal regular season game. With the road schedule that faces this team in the first half... this weekend poses three games in three nights that all can be won on the road.

Everett looked great in the first meeting against the Tbirds but we all know that Everett will not be contending for a WHL Championship this year. A win tonight by the Tbirds sets the stage for 5 or possibly 6 points this weekend with games in Portland and Chilliwack to follow. Portland, as we know, is still in the grips of rebuilding and Chilliwack was a decent team last year that lost scoring champion Mark Santorelli to graduation (where he is currently assigned to Milwaukee with Ian McKenzie) and Oscar Moller, who for now, remains with the Los Angeles Kings.

It has been well documented how the schedule sets up for Seattle in the first half of the season... but weekends like this provide an opportunity for the team to chip away at the daunting road schedule and grab some early season points. With Greg Scott and Thomas Hickey returning to Seattle I would be really disappointed if this team comes away with less than 4 points for the weekend. It is time for this train to pull out of the station or I fear that at some point it becomes derailed for the entire season over the road schedule.

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Anonymous said...

Well good luck in Everett tonight... I'm 3-8 there and well 8 times I had to listen to dumb comments all night... But the 3 wins have never felt so good. And everyone should experience that. With Scott, Hickey, and Beach back we can at least see how we really stack up.

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