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Boyer Traded

Saskatoon is reporting that they have acquired Jeremy Boyer from the TBirds.

The disgruntled forward heads to Saskatoon in return for Stefan Burzan and a 3rd round pick in the 2010 bantam draft.

Considering the situation that Seattle was in... to either trade him or have him sit out, I think this is a pretty darn good return for Boyer.

Story can be found here

I imagine the Tbirds will have a story out shortly.

EDIT: Tbirds story here


Anonymous said...

Something is better than nothing.... I went to the Ducks/Kings game last night. Sporting the Hickey jersey for warm ups. Nice to see the Kings fans actually recognize the jersey. As well as 3 other T-bird fans there. Hickey seemed to enjoy the fan support also he had to double take when he saw the T-bird stuff behind the net..... Played pretty well scored a goal that called back on a bad penalty call.... Got beat badly once but all in all played well enough to where he should make the team..... Watching that brought me back to what Tyler said about how this year feels different... and that is it. Hickey and O'Brien were not replaceable... And Cloud and LeBlanc gave us toughness.... Every team loses players but we lost everything.

Anonymous said...

What we lost was experience, we didn't lose everything. This team has no experience and it shows. We still have many of the players from last season, they just don't have the experience of a cloud or leblanc or a hickey. We have a lot of youth, which isn't always a bad thing, but the players we thought would step up, they haven't, and it shows. We need to stop blaming coaches, gms, or anyone else, if anyone thought this was going to be anything more than a rebuilding year then they were blind last year. I heard they wanted to start the rebuilding process last year but wanted to put up good numbers and have a good showing in the new arena. Which makes sense to me. Like I said in another post, its time to start building around players like jacobs, parker, pickard, wells, silvester, muth, alos, and elliot and get rid of players who won't help us in the future like warg, prab, jake, schappert, and players we need to give up on like dillon ( can't defend) lockhart ( can't skate) berg ( to slow) chaffin ( can't stay healthy) sena ( can't find him a postion) and fleming ( can't handle the puck). They need to move on from these players, and build around what's the future. Sure its nice to have a prab rai, but what's the point of him playing for seattle, this season is going to be long, everyone should of known that. We are the second youngest team in the whl, if anything is wrong with the gm is that he can't find that medium of keeping veterans, and building for the future. Just my opinion.


4thebirds said...

Chris, you are willing to give up on two 17 year olds that quick? I'm guessing Benn Olsen would have been history in your book. He couldn't skate worth a darn when he first showed up. Not only that but how can you rate Fleming when he has been out injured the whole season?
I agree with pretty much everything else you said though. I'm just not sure we have anything to offer anyone at this point. Other than Jake of course.

Anonymous said...

You are right, I would of given up on olsen. To me, he never was that great of a player, what he had was toughness which made him a fan favorite, not a great player. Now lockhart has that same fan favoriteness that olsen had with ability to skate into people hard, but that's all he brings to the table, I would rather have olsen over lockhart anyday, he's a stronger player. And yeah its cool to yell luuuuuuuuuuuke at games, but what does he really bring to this team???? With fleming you're right, it isn't fair to give up on him this season cause he hasn't played. But he is a small finess defender much like how hickey is but without hickeys skating abillity, scoring ability, his toughness and his mindset. Granted, he shouldn't be compared to closely to hickey and I would take him over, haber, berg, dillon and chaffin, but that isn't saying to much.


Thunnex said...

I think its WAY too early to give up on a player like Lockhart or Fleming. Fleming has potential to be a solid top 4 defensemen in this league, you don't give up on guys like that. Sure he'll probably never score 15 or 20 goals but its not all about scoring.

As for Lockhart... I do think that Lockhart lacks on overall talent but he is one of the only players who consistently is busting his ass out there on the ice. We need more of those guys... not less.

There are some players I probably wouldn't build around but those two aren't on my bad list.

Anonymous said...

I'm agreeing with you tyler, about fleming, but I cannot agree with you about lockhart. To me there has been absolutely no improvement from the player he was last year, to this year. I honestly saw him as a 15 goal scorer, and maybe one day he will be but he hasn't done anything to his game. He's got speed and has some grit, he just can't skate. He has no control of his speed and usually ends up falling over or skating into players and in 3 different points of the first game into his own teammate. I agree with you he doesn't give up, but I honestly would rather have a guy who doesn't give up, and can skate, and there are plenty of them out there.

Tyler, have you ever thought of doing a post where readers can be gms for the day? I think this would be a perfect time to do that since everyone thinks we should firer our gm. I would love to know what everyone would do if they were in his shoes. Keep up the good work.


stbird said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stbird said...

Trade Rai. Get some prospects and or older players. He only plays hard if he has the puck, or if the puck is within stick reach.

Also we need people to, HIT SOMEBODY! PLEASE!!!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Thunnex said...

Come on guys, let's do a lot better than "Let get a new GM this one sucks".

I love the fact that everyone is entitled to come on here and voice your opinion and that includes dissenting opinions on the front office but if you can't make a more intelligent comment... I'm just getting rid of it. Not because I'm crushing "free speech" because I'm crushing dumb free speech.

Come on poster... let's bring it a little better than that.

Mr Tell13 said...

You know, the Boyer trade looks good to me, but I wonder if the players on the team feel a little bit let down by this. If they were expecting a big blockbuster trader with multiple active players, well that's certainly not it. Maybe they feel that Russ gave up on the season

Anonymous said...

Probably the same idiots that posted over on the tbirds forum for the past month who have mysteriously "left the building" once it turned in to a log-in site. They needed some place else to go.

Anonymous said...

Tyler - why not start a new string - recommendations for the T-Birds... I think someone else already suggested “be the GM for a Day”, so something like that here might generate some ideas...

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