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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Warg returned...

On the day of the opener the Tbirds defensive core got stronger. Per Tbirds on their facebook they are saying that Stefan Warg has been returned to the team.

Also something that didn't really get publicized by the Tbirds... likely because it is subject to changing but they have posted the roster and right now it doesn't include Sentyurin who must still be waiting for paperwork in order to be able to play.

Of the guys that were on the bubble it looks like Crema, Berg and Muth are the defenders and Tutt, Doty, Elliot and Alos are the forwards. I'm expecting fireworks from Doty tonight.

So Seattle will be nearly full strength tonight for the first game. As of this post there are still just under 2000 tickets available for the game tonight. I suspect that they will get a pretty good walk-up crowd along with some ticket sales today that will probably push them over 5000 but this has to be a disappointment to not be able to sell out the opener against Everett on a Friday night.


Anonymous said...

I agree on the crowd for tonight, what a disapointment, I know that the Yankees,Huskies, Sounders and even Friday night football is going, but it's the home opener.

Anonymous said...

Everyone will be in renton to watch Skyline in hopes of seeing Joe Montana, Wayne Gtetzky and Will Smith.

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