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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Attendance numbers... quickly...

Not much of a surprise here...

For the sake of simplicity I just looked at the numbers from 10 years ago. Also... huge disclaimer... these are only the figures that get listed in the box score. I have no idea, nor would I have a way of knowing what actual gate numbers look like for the team.

Total average attendance -

1999-2000: 197,234 in 36 games for an average of 5478.72
2009-2010: 31,234 in 10 games for an average of 3123.40

Using just the first 10 games of 1999-2000, they drew an average of 5,265. That represents a drop of 40.68%.

Only fair though to look at how numbers are looking for the rest of the league.

Same first 10 games for other U.S. Division teams?

Portland is down 36.37%, Spokane is down 3.57% and Tri-City is UP 39.19%. I didn't bother to include Everett because the comparison would not have included the same time period.

Seattle's average is 17th highest in the league... but they are down 25.36% from their average last season (4184.8 last season, 3123.40 this season).

This represents the highest drop in attendance in the league. Lethbridge is off 19.93%, Red Deer 18.17% and Vancouver is down 16.34% but still average 6,444.

Tbirds attendance generally hits the bottom between November the end of December before picking up steadily through the end of the season. Meaning... it might get a little worse before it will likely get better.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the stats on attendance. Plenty of reasons for the drop and I'm sure plenty of people will blame the economy. Only my theory, but since the attendance drop is league wide, my guess is that the new fighting rules are destroying attendance. In the late 80's and all of the 90's - even if your team was the worst in the league, there was a guarantee that there was plenty of passion on your team, even if it was only the last five minutes of the game. This season 2 fighting majors at home?? Plus, where's the honor hitting someone in the helmet or beating someone down if their helmet happens to comes off and you have an incredible advantage? Yes, I enjoy fights in hockey and I'm not afraid to admit it... People will always support a winner, look at Tri-City this year, so every few years one team in every division will have plenty of attendance and the rest of the league will suffer. After going to almost every game for 20 years this is the first I haven't gone to a single whl game and won't until they get rid of these ridiculous rules...

Love your site!

Anonymous said...

Doubtful it has much to do with the fighting rules. It more likely has to do with the fact that peoples mindsets have changed with how bad the economy has been. They are way less willing to spend the roughly $100(+ or - depending on where you sit) walk up ticket cost for a family of 4 to go to one game. It's not so much about the ticket price, but in a change in how people want to spend their money now.

Anonymous said...

I think your both right !! However, the economy was not that great either in the late 80's.

brian in Sherwood

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