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Hickey to have surgery

I hadn't noticed this... so thanks to a loyal reader for alerting me to it. Thomas Hickey will undergo shoulder surgery and will be out up for 4 months.

Definitely a blow to Hickey and his development although General Manager Dean Lombardi seemed to indicate that Hickey was in need of some additional strength... not sure exactly how we are to interpret that. Hickey has been in and out of the Manchester Monarchs lineup most of the season and had been trying to play through this injured shoulder for some time now.

Link to Rich Hammond's blog is here.


Anonymous said...

Holloway has certainly stepped up in Manchester lately. With the Kings injury bug and Holloway's steady play lately I wouldn't be suprised too see him make his NHL debut this year.

Anonymous said...

The LA Times' "The Fabulous Forum" had commented on Hickey's injury also and included a quote from Lombardi.

This is what it said,
"Lombardi also said that defenseman Thomas Hickey, the fourth overall pick in the 2007 draft and one of the final cuts in training camp, will soon undergo shoulder surgery that will keep him out of the lineup for four months.

'We sat him out and then the more information I got, we have a choice,' Lombardi said. 'He's going to have to get shut down for four months, so do we do it now, and have him maybe for the playoffs and most importantly the summer, because he's got to get stronger, or we have him play through it and the wear and tear on it is not good....We just decided to shut him down.'"

NWDubFan81 said...

Disappointing... I came into the season expecting that Hickey would make his NHL debut if nothing else, now it seems like that is very very unlikely.

But, good news on Holloway, and here's hoping we see at least one T-Bird make his NHL debut with the Kings this season.

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