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Winterhawks Trade Mucha

I'll have more on the Saturday game tomorrow but I noticed tonight that Portland traded Kurtis Mucha to Kamloops for a pick in the 2010 Bantam Draft.

This is both a weird trade and a sad trade for me.

Sad because as a hockey fan we had to watch Mucha for several years play hard behind Winterhawk teams that quite frankly sucked... Now Portland has a good team again for his 20 year old season and he gets traded... that is just sad. I feel bad for Kurtis Mucha.

Also weird... because why would Kamloops make this deal? I'm not saying that Groenheyde is awesome but he doesn't really strike me as the problem in Kamloops and that Blazers team isn't going anywhere. Why waste a Bantam pick to pick up a veteran goaltender when you are probably better off giving your 18 year old goaltender the vast majority of the playing time. Can Bonner possibly think his team was only a "goaltender away..." from turning things around?


Mike said...

I agree totally. Bonner either thinks that a better goalie will make the difference OR they got him cheap in order to get more for him by the trade deadline, maybe something for the future or to tighten up their D. They only had to give up a 4th round pick.

I also feel bad for Mucha who after having to face 50 plus shots a game for three yrs will now have to deal more of the same just as Portland gets better.I wonder if Ian Curtis wil be able to handle the workload??

Anonymous said...

I don't consider a 4th rd pick cheap. I actually think Kamloops overpaid for Mucha. Mucha's an undrafted and unsigned 20 yr old. A lot is made of all the shots he's faced the past few years, but with a good team in front of him this year, he's not much better statistically. He lets in way too many soft goals. Smart move by Portland to free up a 20 yr old spot. Look for them to add an overage d-man.

NWDubFan81 said...

I do feel bad for Mucha as well. And a bit suprised, now that the Hawks are doing well, why would they ship away the only thing they had going for them the past three years? Is Curtis really a starting goalie? From looking at his career stats, he is just under 90% saves.

Also Tyler, I would really like to hear your thoughts on the Colin Campbell witch hunt that is going on right now.

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