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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Perfect Weekend...

Tbirds just finished off a perfect weekend by beating the Giants on the road 5-0.

I honestly do not know what to say... I am speechless... or wordless. I really didn't think this team was capable of winning 4 in a row on the road against some pretty quality opponents.

Raise your hand if you thought a team that went 0-7 in their first 7 road games was going to go into Chilliwack, Kamloops, Everett and Vancouver and simply dominate. They outscored those teams 20-3 in those games.

I really don't know what to say guys... this is awesome. I have no choice but to revise my opinion on this team. It is pretty early in the season to be looking at standings and placements for the playoffs but this team has already caught Chilliwack for 8th place in the Western Conference. They aren't very far behind Kamloops for 7th and even Kamloops can now see the Tbirds a little bit in their rear view mirror for the 6th spot.

Simply an incredible weekend of hockey for Seattle.

See guys... I know what I'm doing by not going to game in Everett! One day... I'll see a win in Everett.


Kodi said...

Though the perfect weekend is exciting, I was more impressed that they found the powerplay.

2-6 in Everett and 3-5 in Vancouver

Congrats to Pick's for the back-to-back road shutouts as well.

Raymond Bonnell said...


Anonymous said...

How exciting - Let's get some tickets sold for Sho this weekend! Congrats Parker on his hat trick, Rai for stepping up, Sena for great games, Schapps for turning it up - EVERYONE contributed! And Calvin - what can you say???

Anonymous said...

So Tyler, this is a dumb question, but how is this happening? The T-Birds going 4-0? I am not complaining but I am speechless as well. Was it just the fact that they needed time to gel? I know one thing, Wellsy,Sena,Shaps,and Rai, have really stepped their game up!! Let's hope for a win in Tri on Tuesday and then hey, let's get out their people and pack the Sho Friday and Saturday!!!

Anonymous said...

Great job Birds!

Mike said...

Yes I saw a few players in the hallway between periods tonight and I said that I don't want to say that I'm shocked but hey I'm shocked. The defense is a completely different unit than they were in the first month or so of the season. When you gel in February it's usually too late but in November... who knows what can happen with this team.

Anonymous said...

In order for his type of turnaround many factors are in play. Not in any order, we have good line combinations finally, we have very solid defense...Dillon is plying great!, we have all but gotten rid of almost all bad penalties, we have 3 period commitment, it is clear guys are executing a well laid out game plan, we have almost no turnovers in the back, we are hitting speed in centre ice, we are moving the puck, we are forechecking, we have young guys playing very physical, nice pp combinations wuth great puck movement...sena and jacobs on the blue line looks good- jacobs has hit the pipes twice from the blue line.

This is very impressive,good for the coaches- it is very clear these players are playing within systems. This chain of events is unreal and hope show is rocking this weekend!

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