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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Where did that come from??

I wanted to just throw down some quick thoughts after the game last night as the Tbirds crush the Blazers in Kamloops 7-2.

What a game for the Tbirds who are suddenly riding a 2 game winning "streak" after also earning a point down in Portland and playing Spokane tough at home 8 days ago.

I didn't get a chance to see or hear the game last night... the Monkey radio feed was not working and I have seen that more than a few other people had the same issue last night.

This team is starting to put things together... but I'm not quite ready to jump up and down excited just yet. Let's see how they play tonight in Everett and tomorrow in Vancouver. If they win both games on the road and go 3 for 3 for the weekend I might have to change my opinion about this team.

Per usual... I will NOT be going to Everett tonight. As some of you might recall... I have never witnessed a Seattle victory in Everett. No sense trying to jinx the boys now while they are on a little mini roll.


James said...

I listened online to game on the Kamloops' station. They have a pretty good announcer: not a homer.

Anonymous said...

If you never go to games in Everett, how will you ever see a victory there? Just a suggestion for ya. Winning there is rare for us, but when you are there for it, it feels sooooooo satisfying. As I am sure it is for there fans as well at the Key or Sho.

Raymond Bonnell said...

Birds 4:0 Tips.


I love this 3&0 run with a +12 goal ratio!

It's looking like the O is figuring things out! LOVE IT!

mike said...

Glad you didnt come man... lol

Thunnex said...

SEE!!! I told you... if I had gone tonight the boys would have lost... I swear.

In response to the other comment. I do got to games in Everett at least once a year, but I try to avoid it because I seem to be a jinx.

Anonymous said...

Dallas Texas says YES!

Anonymous said...

maybe you do need to stay away

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