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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Tough Stretch

Really tough stretch of games for the Tbirds starting tonight in Kamloops.

Tonight's game actually represents probably their best chance to pick up a victory. Kamloops is a strong team, but hasn't played well lately going 2-8 in their last 10 games and going through a coaching change.

Using Massey Ratings... Kamloops is the 16th rated team in the league (Seattle is 21, ahead of only PG) while Everett comes in at #5, Vancouver at #9 and Tri-City checking in at #1.

The good news is that I think the Tbirds come into the game playing their best hockey of the season and if there was ever a time for them to take on the best in the West... I think now is the time.

Pick up a win in Kamloops and you never know what kind of momentum you might be able to take into Everett. Unfortunately, I also think the configuration of these games might hurt Seattle. I don't know this for a fact but I believe they are coming home after the game tonight before the Everett game tomorrow. Figuring time for a quick meal after the game... the Tbirds won't get back into Kent until early morning tomorrow. Sleep in a little before heading back up north to Everett. That is a tough turnaround.


Anonymous said...

I feel good about this weekend, I am hoping for 3 wins but will take 5 points, 2 wins and a OT or SO loss.I really felt good after last weekend, maybe the birds are coming together, it takes time,especially for the youngest team in the WHL.I would also like to thank all the fans stoping the talk about "get rid of Farwell" or "fire Rob", the talk the last couple of weeks have been positive.

Go get em T-Birds!!

Anonymous said...

get rid of farwell!
fire rob!
release nielsen and shappert!

Anonymous said...

haha you wanna get rid of players who you dont even know how to spell there names.... yep, you are someone that I would really take seriously.

By the way... how bout them TBirds tonight huh??? Nice call Tyler!

Mike said...

I also felt tonight was a good chance for a win, but 7-2?!! That's total dominance against a team that had a great home record going into the game. Let's hope we can carry this into Everett. Rai and Parker are red hot!!

Anonymous said...

This team has done a 180 in the last 30 days. Many guys contributing, quality shots, often clean in the back, penalties way down, great goaltending.

Aside from Prab and Parker, Wells and Locks looking dangerous, Jacobs
has the look of breaking out.

Fun stuff to watch!

Anonymous said...

Hey maybe the boys are clicking? You never know what will happen, I think sometimes as fans we forget that these are young men 15 to 20 years old, it takes time to gell, let's hope for a good showing tonight in Everett. As far as the second posting on this thread, it was nice while it lasted about the negative nellies not showing up.

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