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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Right in the Regina

Seattle with a really nice effort tonight beating the Pats 5-2.

A lot of good notes from the game tonight. Seattle played with a lot more intensity and a strong sense of urgency from the opening face-off all the way through to the end of the game.

Kyle Jahraus was solid in net and at times made a couple of spectacular saves. His rebound control was pretty darn good and he moved well and anticipated shots well.

Prab Rai with another 3 points night, Jeremy Schappert adds two more goals as he is suddenly a sniper. The defense was solid, played physical and the offense fore-checked with a purpose.

Regina entered the game with the #2 ranked PP in the WHL and the highly ranked Seattle PK shut them down to the tune of 0/5 with Charles Wells picking up a critical SH goal to give the Tbirds the 2-1 lead. On the other side Seattle gets 2 PP goals themselves on 7 chances but also surrendered 2 SH goals. They need to shore up the SH goals but the first one was a great effort by Mitchell where Warg just flat out missed the hit and the second really didn't matter as Scott Ramsay was trying to gain retribution for a high and hard hit on Sena Acolatse.

THIS is the effort we were looking for last weekend. If the Tbirds come to play with that kind of effort night in and night out... they are going to be very tough to handle the rest of the way.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone... back to the arena on Friday for a Portland team that suddenly can't remember how to win.


Anonymous said...

What a great way to start the weekend. I notice after losses the coaches talk a lot about not getting penalties. I think they should change that to not getting stupid penalties. There were many penalties last night but it seemed like it was mostly a side effect of the team playing and hitting hard. I'd rather take the penalties along with an aggressive physical effort than have no penalties and a flat performance like we saw against Everett.

I did notice the team seemed to be taking extra care to protect Jahraus and I'd like to see them do that with Calvin as well.

Mike said...

Yes sometimes they rely on Calvin a bit too much.

It now seems as though their logo in Portland should be "If ain't broke, break it!"

By the way nice headline Tyler!

Anonymous said...

OUCH !! that game against the Hawks has to sting .....

at least you recieved 2 of the top 3 stars of the game!!

What a joke that was too

Anonymous said...

wow... After 3 years of being in hiding the Portland fans all of a sudden decide to speak.... Portland should beat us, are they good not really. But the fact is the T-birds are a below average very young team. And quite frankly are suppose to lose. Hawks fans should know that feeling.... If I were a Portland fan I would be a little worried about the future. They trade away Bobbee who granted was 19 for a useless 20 in Doyle. Maybe it's just what I see but Ian Curtis is terrible, he is unsure of himself does not control any rebounds and has reflexes like a 70 year old woman. They better hope Mac Carruth can step up because any potent offense will light this guy up.

Anonymous said...

actually the future is bright. Portland is the YOUNGEST team in the league

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