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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Awesome Post by Alan Caldwell

Every year Caldwell does a post that estimates what a team has to do down the stretch to make the playoffs. Here is this year's version. The playoffs are still within reach for Seattle but they need to start playing better.

Link here.


Anonymous said...

In the "they have to start playing better" category. Now knowing the team has been dealing with the flu it's hard to criticise their play. It's frustrating as heck to watch this team right now. But they WILL get better...right?

Anonymous said...

They may get a little better but with the players mamagement has left the coaches to work wiht it will be a struggle to the end of the season. If you look at the line up it breaks down as follows:
5 top 6 forwards, with Wells leaving they dont have 2 top lines.
only 12 forwards total, Trock an unknown but even if he comes back at some oint he wont have a huge impact this year.
Only 2 top 4 d men, rest would be 5,6 or 7 on most other teams.

Top end goaltending as always but its got to be hard facing that many shots & that much zone time every night.

I still think they have a shot at the playoffs but their best players will have to be very good & rest need will need to improve.

Anonymous said...

This team is in a funk right now and no they will not play better. 5 loses in a row, a power play that is a non factor and they never play hard for 60 minutes. Give the rains over to Turner the rest of the season to see if he sparks new life.

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