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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Deadline Weekend

Tonight starts a very interesting weekend for the Thunderbirds and every other team in the WHL because the trade deadline will pass at 2pm Seattle time.

Rumors are flying and I have several different sets of "sources" throwing me some interesting rumors.

Let's take a look at the roster and see if we can break down the likelihood of a trade going down.

Might as well get the big one out of the way off the bat...


Calvin Pickard - 25%

At the start of the season I would have put this at zero but I think we all have to admit that there is a non-zero chance that Pickard will get traded. He deserves to play for a winner and his value will never be higher than it is right now. Seattle is still recovering from several disappointing drafts and selling Pickard to the highest bidder might make sense if it helped you completely re-build your talent pool. Having said that... I think GM Russ Farwell would have to be absolutely knocked over with an offer to trade Pickard because the risk of angering your fanbase further is pretty high with a trade like that.

Michael Salmon - 60%

Salmon should probably be getting more playing time and he probably deserves a chance to prove whether he could be a reasonable option at starter for a WHL team. Whether Farwell can get a team to take him and give us something reasonable back for him... I'm not sure.


Brenden Dillon - 50%

Dillon is a true 50/50 here. There are teams (cough, cough Portland) who still have the ability to add an impact 20 year old. The question again is whether the offer from a team like Portland is worth losing a guy who has been with you his entire career and is currently splitting Captain duties.

Travis Bobbee - 10%

I can't really see Bobbee getting traded unless the price is too high for Dillon and the other team (cough, Portland... again) decides that Bobbee represents a better option for the smaller price. Having said that, Portland traded Bobbee once and they may or may not want him back. Other teams are options as well.

Scott Ramsay - 60%

Seattle has four 1991 born players on their roster and with an eye on next season will not be able to keep all of them, making it logical to start trading the ones you aren't sure are going to be around next season. Ramsay was much better last season and was slowed this year by a concussion that he suffered in Ducks training camp. Don't be surprised if Ramsay is moved.

Erik Bonsor - 40%

Bonsor's 40% represents the rest of Ramsay's 60%. If Ramsay is traded... Bonsor probably isn't.

Dave Sutter - 1%

I doubt he is going anywhere.

Austin Frank - 5%

Hasn't played and has battled injuries and that makes it pretty unlikely he would be going anywhere. Plus... not much reason to trade a 17 year old unless you are giving up on him.

Erik Fleming - 25%

Wow... no idea on Fleming. Last week he was playing forward for the Birds and he has failed to live up to his 1st round draft status. If someone wants him I suppose he could be moved.

Austin Baecker - 5%

Baecker and Frank are in the same boat. Haven't played much and they are both projects so they would probably only be traded as part of package deal where some team wanted a big D-man included.


Mitch Elliot - 5%

Mitch has shown some interesting potential this year, I doubt Seattle is ready to give up on him.

Connor Sanvido - 30%

The question is whether anyone wants Sanvido. Seattle clearly isn't high on him as he didn't make the team as a 16 year old and is seeing very limited playing time as a 17 year old. If another team wants him... he can probably be acquired.

Justin Hickman - 1%

Never say never but...

Branden Troock - 5%

He gets a 5% instead of a 1% because there has to be some concern in the front office about his health. Having said that... I have no reason to believe Troock won't be playing again eventually so why trade him when his value is lowest.

Tyler Alos - 5%

Not much reason to trade a 17 year old who has shown some promise.

Charles Wells - 70%

Wells is probably the Seattle player most likely to be traded by Monday. He looks unhappy to be in Seattle and his numbers have been excellent with 24 points and a +8 rating. If Wells isn't begging to stay in here as a 20 year old, there is no reason why you shouldn't move him to a better team and see if you can't improve in the long run.

Marcel Noebels - 1%

The German has arguably been the Tbirds best player and will return as a 19 year old, no reason to trade him.

Brendan Rouse - 10%

Early in the season Rouse appeared to be in the "dog house" but has seen his minutes steadily increase as the season has gone along. Rouse will likely never be a star but every team needs responsible players who work hard... I can't see why Seattle would trade him.

Colin Jacobs - 1%

I doubt Seattle is ready to move on from Jacobs.

Luke Lockhart - 5%

Lockhart is likely your captain next season and has flourished this season. Unlikely that he would be traded unless Farwell got an offer he couldn't refuse.

Burke Gallimore - 50%

Gallimore has had an excellent season and he is a very good Power Play weapon. I think it is likely that he returns to Seattle for his 20 year old season but I have to imagine that teams are at least asking Farwell what it would take to get him.

Chance Lund - 10%

A month ago I would have said that it was time to move on from Lund and then suddenly he seemed to figure something out and has been playing much better. After waiting for two years, you can't trade Lund weeks after he seems to have finally made a breakthrough.

Jacob Doty - 5%

Doubtful that the Tbirds would trade a 17 year old who is showing some promise as an enforcer and possibly more.

Travis Toomey - 5%

Toomey probably doesn't have as much trade value as Bobbee and certainly not as much as Dillon and from what I understand he has been an incredible influence in the locker room as a leader.

So there you go... obviously the biggest one to watch for is Pickard but it is likely you'll see a couple of other moves made by Seattle in the next couple of days.

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Luke not in the lineup tonight.........

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