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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Frustrating Weekend

Another frustrating weekend to be a Tbirds fan.

I'm really not sure what to say at this point. The team is missing Travis Bobbee and Ryan Button and as a result they are asking Brenden Dillon to play nearly 30 minutes a night and that just isn't going to work. Not to mention the fact that Dillon took a pretty big shot from Ryan Harrison last night slamming his shoulder into the post. He did return to the game but also remarked on the post game interview that it was pretty banged up.

Quick note on the Harrison "hit". I did think it was a penalty and a pretty poor decision by Harrison but I also thought Dillon lost an edge and went down harder than expected and Dillon confirmed that in the post game interview as well. Kind of a tough break for Harrison but when you put a player in that position the possibilities exist that dangerous things can happen.

I don't really want to get into another debate about "what" or "who" the problem is with the Tbirds... I will just say that whatever is happening isn't working and something has got to give. Something needs to change in order to get things turned around.

Not much time for the Tbirds to feel sorry about themselves as they are back to work on home ice tomorrow night.

One final note...

Dear Rob,

Calvin needs a game off. He is a warrior... so of course he isn't going to "want" a night off. He needs a game off to watch the action and hit the refresh button. I know we need every single point possible right now but Salmon is capable and you aren't winning right now anyways. Rest him against Edmonton and he'll be ready to play another 19/20 the rest of the way. Carry on.


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Anonymous said...

With Toomey, Trook, and Sanvido out, they only have ten offensive players. Maybe they should start Salmon on the fourth line.

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