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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Hockey Challenge 2011

Oh and the Tbirds lost 7-1 last night. I really don't have any idea why Pickard stays in these games. Your guess is as good as mine. My educated guess is that Pickard doesn't want to come out of any game no matter what and because he is your leader and best player you respect that and just leave him in most of the time.

Outside of that... I'm really not sure. You don't yank him because of his play, you just get him out of there because the game is clearly out of hand and you want to get him some rest and give Salmon some playing time.

Another shameless plug for the Hockey Challenge. Please Donate.

I am personally donating my ad revenue for the months of January, February and March to help the push.

Remember... when you click on the link above be sure to select the Hockey Challenge Program and in the comment section put "Tyler Hunnex, Hockey Challenge, IEB Team" so that I get credit for your generous donation.

I'd love to show the RMH the power of our little group of Tbird fans.


Anonymous said...

I put some money in your name the other day Tyler. I think you do a great job on the blog. Keep skating.

Thunnex said...

Very much appreciated... Thank You.

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