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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Home vs. Kamloops Game Thread

Open Game Thread tonight as I have my own game and will be missing the game.

Sound off after the game about what you saw... good, bad or indifferent.

Go Birds!


Todd said...

Interesting game. 26 Kamloops shots vs 5 from Seattle in the first period. In the 3rd period the TBirds came alive with 2 goals in 19 seconds after being down 3-0. This brought the crowd into it and the team got encouraged. Toomey scored to tie the game at 3 after they pulled Pickard. Gallimore gets a 2 minute penalty late in the OT but the TBirds hang on for a shoot out. Overall thoughts, Noebels is the real deal. He was trying to make things happen and I thought he had a great game. Sutter is looking much better than he did in the first half of the season. He is not being too aggressive (which I think caused a lot of his problems early in the season) and geting caught out of position. His shot is also much stronger. Dillon was solid and I hate to think of how we would look if he was not around. I thought the officiating was for Kamloops in the early part of the game. A very clear (5 feet in my opinion) offside that was ignored and some there were some high hits by Kamloops early that were also ignored prior to Seattle penalties. I was happy to see Kamloops get a diving penalty on a tripping from Dillon in the 3rd period (It's always good to get tripped prior to falling in my opinion). Their goalie got nailed by Gallimore in the OT (not intentional in my opinion) and he was down for a few minutes. The Seattle crowd game him 3 ovations when he got up and returned to the game (nice job TBirds fans!). I missed why but no Colin Jacobs tonight. Too bad, this would have been his kind of game.

Anonymous said...

Dillons rookie mistake was a huge blunder that gave kamloops a goal. Jacobs is away at the nhl prospect game. Kudos to him! Pickard is our shining star this season, the poor kid. He's got to be tired of being hung out to dry. More chants that Sumner needs to go in the crowd last night. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Must-win, home game against a team that is chasing them in the standings for a spot in the playoffs, a team missing 3 of it's top 4 scorers no less, and the T-birds sleep walk through the first 2 and a half periods? If not for Pickard, this game would have been over ten minutes into the contest. T-birds simply got outworked by an undermanned team. Kamloops had the first 20 shots on goal! Where's the pride? Anyone see what happened to Button? He did not play in the 3rd period. Did they say on the radio broadcast if he got hurt?

Anonymous said...

On the radio they thought Button had an ankle injury.
And you are right on about the rest.

Anonymous said...

Button seems to be a decent get for Wells as we need help at D. Spooner gets a couple of shifts a period so what was the point in getting him? You had a young D-man you kept on the roster and never suited all year, you don't have a team that will go far in the playoffs even if you make it. So why not give the young D-man those two shifts? This organization continues to spin its wheels, if you didn't think Baeker was good enough to play in the WHL why keep him on the team and NEVER suit him up? Every young kid needs to play somewhere to get better to maybe help the team in the future. Sanvido looks good much like Lockhart both are small and need to gain muscle as to not be pushed around.Some rays of sunshine in what was a totally unprepared for play team last night. If it wasn't for Toomey and Gallimore they'd be really up a creek Pickard or not.

Anonymous said...

No need to add anything after the third comment, he hits the nail on the head there, other than the last 8 minsutes of the game it was a lifeless effort with chants of fire sumner coming out of the south end of the Sho.

Anonymous said...

Picks was fantastic. I feel for the kid. He has to be having flash backs to last year. I'm trying to give the teams effort through the first 50 minutes of the game the benefit of the doubt. Are they battling some sort of horrible flu bug? Malaria maybe? Bubonic Plague? Dysentary?

Props to Elliot for going with Caron. It looked like Hanes turned Doty down on a few seperate occasions.

Speaking of Doty......GOOoooOoooOOOOOoal! Awesome.

I think Dillon has earned the right to be forgiven for a bad turnever that leads to a goal. A certain diving play toward the end of the OT to break up what was basically a 2 on 0 immediately comes to mind. Consider the kids body of work through the season, his ice time and the leadership he brings to the ice for a moment. Rookie blunder..maybe. Turning point in the game? The reason they lost? No, not even close.

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