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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Critical Stretch of Games

A critical stretch of games for the Thunderbirds begins tonight with Everett visiting ShoWare Center. Seattle sits only 2 points ahead of Everett, who currently sits in 10th in the Western Conference.

In the next 11 games, Seattle is going to see Everett 5 times, Vancouver, Kelowna and Kamloops once each and Portland twice.

If Seattle has any visions of making the playoffs, these are the teams they are going to have to get points from.

I'm very interested to see what Ryan Button and Mitch Spooner look like tonight.


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Anonymous said...

Mitch Spooner is a guy that The Vancouver Giants, a team with a lot of success developing players gave up on. From what I have been told Russ is all exited about him because he saw him play as a Bantam and he was a first round draft pick. Trust me, teams like Regina don't let players with a future go home and sit around for 2 months.

Anonymous said...

I think we should enjoy and get used to cheering for
at best a mediocre team. With this management and coaching staff this is as good as it is going to get.

Kids should want to play here, we have a great city with lots to do, great billet families and a great building with great fans. So why is it that players want out of Seattle?

I was told that Baecker was so discouraged after he left Seattle that he is thinking of quitting hockey. Its OK if players are not good enough play for a team, but they should still be treated with respect.

Anonymous said...

Any one know any more about Troocks situation? I read is suffering from the aftereffects of a concussion, any idea when he received the concussion?

Anonymous said...

We were told he got the concussion over the summer playing basketball.

Anonymous said...

Wow, basketball? Well I hope he recovers fully for his sake and for the Birds. It sounds like they are taking their time and not trying to force things too soon. He appears to have a heck of a lot of promise.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the name of the song they played for Doty after his fight? AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Doty's song was "Real American" the theme song used by Hulk Hogan in the 80's and 90's.
Great choice!

Anonymous said...

How is spooner working out for you guys? lol

Unknown said...

When did Baecker leave Seattle, and how? I TOTALLY missed this information, and I'm a little bummed by it (him leaving).

Thunnex said...

Baecker wasn't getting enough playing time and he was reassigned on Deadline Day.

I know others disagree... but I just didn't see much there until his footwork and speed improves.

Anonymous said...

What he's yet another Farwell big guy without the skills? Say it ain't so.

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