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Hockey Challenge 2014

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A Fan Plea

I will have my game recap up later this afternoon. In the meantime, I have a special guest "blog" from fan Jon Whiting. I'm not saying that I either agree or disagree with this (my thoughts will be in my recap) but I thought it was a nice representation of one fan's perspective on the team right now as we approach the trade deadline.


Dear Russ, I would like to remind you of the 1995-96 season trade deadline.

In case you have forgotten, that was your first year back in Seattle after a wonderful time in Philadelphia.
You had a very average team that season.
At the trading deadline, you dismantled the team, blew it up, shipped out any major assets you had.
You traded in division, in conference, it didn't matter.  Any team that wanted a player, you took the best offer.

If I recall correctly, the team was about to get on the bus for a road trip.  As the players were getting on the bus, a bunch were told they were not getting on.  The bus left with a total of 13 skaters for that nights road game (in Kelowna if I really remember).

You sent the likes of Jan Hrdina to Spokane, Blair Manning to Medicine Hat, Tyler Perry to Swift Current, Kevin Popp to Portland.  There might even have been a couple others that I don't recall.  Those were the heart and soul players of the team.  The captain, the tough guy, the fan favorite.

Why did you do this?  To make your team better.  To get the players you thought would fit better.

What happened?  Well, your team still made the playoffs.  The 1996-97 team finished second to a top Portland team and went on to the WHL final.  The 1997-98, if Patrick Marleau is returned by San Jose as an 18, had a great chance of returning to the finals.

So how does this look down memory lane relate to today.
Coach K said it best in last night’s post game notes.
"As you learn more and more about players and their character you analyze that and you don't want the guys (that don't play hard every night) on your team. You want guys that are going to give you everything they have."

You as a GM know who they are.  Coach K, R, And M all know.  We as fans all know who these players are.  It doesn't take a mathematician to find a complex formula to figure out who they are.  Trade them, move them, release them, whatever highly technical term people like to use these days.



Anonymous said...

I remember that season well. And would welcome a repeat!
Just show us you are seeing what we are seeing Russ.
Good post Jon.

Anonymous said...

Good post! I see many whl teams start bringing up their 15 year old prospects to see what they're drafted players look like. Are we going to see this with Seattle in the next couple of months. Or is just making the playoffs the biggest priority.

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