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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Justin Hickman

A couple people asked me this weekend why Hickman hadn't been playing.
I didn't know the entire answer, so I asked the Thunderbirds (thanks Ian Henry).

Here is the situation

On 04/02/13, Justin Hickman of Seattle received Four games for checking to the head major and g.m. versus Kelowna on April 2.

So he missed game 7 of the series, leaving him with three games.

Apparently, when suspensions carry over from one season to the next, the suspension is for both preseason and regular season. So he can play the last 4 preseason games, but will miss the first three regular season games.


Mr Tell13 said...

alan Caldwell noted on twitter that Mac Engel was not on the PG roster page anymore


Unknown said...

So he is suspended for 4 games, but misses 7. That is great. They should change the policy to just be regular/post season games.

jon said...

Engel was released by PG.

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