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Hockey Challenge 2014

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My views of last nights game


First off let me preference this by saying I had both my boys (ages 6 and 10) with me.  Anyone who knows me can tell you where my attention was at.  So really, I only could pay attention to the game out of one eye.

But, I thought Seattle got totally outworked, out hustled, and out played.

The first 10 minutes of the game was all Everett.  Then something happened, and Seattle took over.  This is the type of team we can see.  They controlled play, great passes, great shots, and it showed with two goals. Barzal's goal was a direct example of this.Hickman drives wide, moving his feet and holding off the defender. Barzal goes very hard to the net with a defender draped all over him, and gets the feed and a nice redirection (snap shot).

Unfortunately for Seattle, the second period was like the first 10 minutes of the game.  All Everett.  Seattle decided to stop skating, stop hitting, and stop fighting (except for Folk, who actually did fight).  Far too many times the puck goes into the corner, and the defender gets there, losses the one on one battle.  There was twice I could remember where Seattle's entire line was stuck on the ice for probably 90 seconds or more, because Everett just plain controlled play.  Seattle was outshot 18-5 in the period.  UGLY.

Third period was actually even for the first while, then Seattle decided that it was time to actually try.  But, a little too late after digging a big hole in the second.  I know, I know, the score was 5-4.  But too bad.  Can't show up for the last 10 minutes of the game and expect to win.  Also, if Everett could hit a wide open net on a couple plays, it could easily have been 7-3 (but, I guess Seattle missed a couple also, so maybe 7-5 <g>).

I know people are going to think I am crazy for this, but I actually do feel Mumaugh played a very good game.  Not a great game, but a good one.  Of the 5 goals, I think there was really only one he should have had, and you could tell based on his reaction of skating over into the corner that he knew that.  The other goals were Everett out working Seattle players, getting in very close for a great shot, or gathering a rebound. There was a couple saves that were scramble amazing ones that showed how good he can be. I talked to a couple people that completely disagreed with me on his performance.

Now, as Tyler pointed out after the game to me while I was texting him the results.  Seattle did put forth the effort to mount a come back.  They did not just fold up after the second.  And I will give them credit for that.  That is a sign of character.  Too me, the real sign of character will be how they come out tonight.  Show Everett that was a fluke, and that the Showare is Seattle's barn, play hard, hit hard, etc, and we will see character.

A couple notes:

  • Nice fight between Folk and Aasman.  Both wanted to go after Aasman took a couple slashes.  Decision Folk at center ice
  • Long second period intermission, and also a break in the second for the linemen.  Second intermission was long because a substitute linesmen had to be brought into the game.  I have been told that the regular one got hurt somehow, kind of bad also.  It must have happened at a time when I was making sure I didn't hurt one of my kids for how they were behaving, because I saw nothing.
  • A couple really nice single handed goals both both teams.  Lipsberg's shot was a rocket, and I think it was Zipp for Everett with theirs that I was impressed with
  • Someone should let Jerret Smith know his jock strap is on the ice about the left faceoff dot in Seattle's zone they defend once.  A lucky bounce caught him in a very bad position.  A 2-1 forming, and he couldn't decide if he should step up and take the player like he was going to when it was a 1-1, or play the defense position and stop the 2-1.  I thought he made the right choice of trying to take the player with the puck coming right at him.  But, the player sidestepped the check, walked around him, and scored.
  • However, I thought Smith played a very good game.  He is listed as a -1 on the scoresheet, but a couple of those were not his fault at all, with one coming on a bad line change where he was skating hard to get back into the play.
  • Wolf also impressed me a lot last night.  Making the smart play, and also was one of the defenders that was winning battle most of the night.
  • Poor Dustin Penner for Everett (oh wait, correction, Linden Penner).  He gets called for an offsetting roughing call at 6:53 of the second period.  Serves that, comes out of the box, and Everett gets called for too many men 10 seconds later.  Constantine has him serve that penalty.  So sit for 2, out for 10 seconds, back in for 2.
  • You will not see or hear me say this often, but Constantine does have Everett playing a very good style of hockey.  They are the most hardworking team I have seen so far in the preseason.  That should not come as a surprise to anyone knowing the type of coach he is.
  • Seattle was missing Forsberg (injury), Sheen (injury), Hauf (NHL camp I think, since I have not seen anything on him being returned), Theodore (NHL camp), and Elliot (NHL camp)
  • The Everett fans were in mid-season form with the cowbells, the "And they still suck", and my personal favorite "fight" during the national anthem.  Anyone know who that disrespectful fan is that started yelling "Watched" at the next of the next line (hint, hint, hint, its me).
Thats all I got for right now.  Hope to see you all out there tonight.  I SHOULD be without kids, so I can be more social.


Anonymous said...

Been to lots of hockey games in the US and Canada. If Everett was the closest city with a hockey team I wouldn't attend. In my opinion, the "fight" during the national anthem, and they "still suck" after the power play, and those cowbells would do it. Seattle isn't too far behind yelling at the goalie "your momma called and she says you suck" is just as stupid. I guess there is trailor trash every where.

Anonymous said...

Tonight's game (Showare). Officiating was terrible. Everett was on the power play for a good portion of the 1st period. Wolf and Douglas were lost. Kolsar looks like he skates with lead weights on his skates. It looked like some of the players were "benched" in the 3rd period.
We should have a good team next year!

Thunnex said...

Yes. I too get very worked up and concerned about preseason games.

Unknown said...

After watching the Friday and Saturday games, I hope Theodore, Hauf, and Forsberg make a really big difference in the way the team plays. It looked like they didn't give much of an effort in either game.

Can we pass the hat to cure the Everett fans of their muteness? Maybe then they can get rid of the damn cowbells and cheer like a real fan instead of being a lazy fan with a noise maker. It was making me feel like I was in a pasture of angry bellcows.

I'm excited for next Saturday night and to see how the guys play when the games really count.

Anonymous said...

I was there. I was VERY disappointed. I hate the Everett Fans and their cowbells.
But really I have to remind myself that it is just a game, and a preseason game at that. I also try to focus on what we can improve on.
To begin with, it was apparent to me that without our top three d-men we are helpless. Foulk, Wardley and Smith do not look as good this year as I expected. So with that said I have two suggestions, one real and one fantasy. Real suggestion: Let's get Theodore, Hauf and Forsberg back on the ice and not play Wolf, Douglas or Bear so much (at least until they mature some). Fantasy suggestion: let's be the team that trades for Mirco Meuller. Give them a 95 D and some draft picks (as many as it takes!).
The second thing I noticed was that just like last year this team got really angry and undisciplined quickly. I do not want this team to be the kind that lets its emotions spiral out of control like that. Wardley and Troock should have held it together at the end there. I mean, come on its preseason. Maybe pull that out in a playoff game when you're down by three but not now. Not this early.
The last thing I have to say is please stop getting drunk and screaming at our players. Someone (I won't name names) kept yelling at Bear in the third because he wasn't fighting. Congratulations guy because he heard you and I think he was pretty bothered by it. If you want to yell at a 16 year old for doing something wrong head to a drive thru window, but show respect for these kids. They deserve it. It's just a game, Go Birds.

Thunnex said...

Unfortunately, you can't really trade for Mueller because you already have two pretty excellent import forwards. You'd be boosting the D at the expense of the offense.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Anonymous 11:47. Some of the things that the fans yell at the kids is RIDICULOUS.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately some fans seem to go just to see fights. A couple of years ago I could have sworn that Doty was the best player the T-birds had by the way some fans booed when he was scratched. I'm not saying I don't like a fight and I don't stand up and cheer when one happens, but there are times to fight and not every game is going to have one of those times. It would be nice if the fans that came just for the beer and fights could get that through their thick skulls.

Where would other teams be if you took away their top three defensemen? I mean that is half of the defensemen you are going to typically dress night in night out. I think Wolf and Bear will be playing this year to get experience and I think Douglass is going to be sent home for more seasoning at a lower level.

Mr Tell13 said...

my take from the last pre-season game:

- Overall, it was not a good perfomance for the team. I hope they realize that even with the great talent they have, they cannot let frustration get the better of them.

- The tbirds are giving a completely differnet look with Barzal in the top 2 lines. It just opens things up so much for everyone else.

- Once Everyone is back, the defense should be stabilized. I like the play of Wolf and Bear and would not have issues with them on a bottom 2 pairing. Wardley needs to pick his spots a bit more, cuz they need his controlled aggressivity. Douglas improved a LOT since the beginning of camp.

- 2 guys that I have had problems with in the past really impressed me. Delnov was using his body really well to protect the puck and control it. And Troock is not just toe draging it anymore .....using his shoulders in an efficient fashion.

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