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Full credit to NWDubFan over in the message board for starting this discussion and I thought I would add to it.

Seattle has been in 60 fights this season and it was noted that it seemed like a lower number than in past seasons.

In fact that isn't quite true...

Some have heard of this website and some likely haven't... keeps track of all the fights that happen in hockey (great resource).

Here is the link to this seasons current leaders.

You can see on the chart from the main page here that Seattle was in only 47 fights last season. The 60 fights from this season are down from the 05-06 season (67 fights) and the 04-05 season (73 fights). The website only goes back to the 2004-05 season for the Tbirds so I would have to do a little more homework for seasons past that

Here are some interesting items from the website:

  • Benn Olson leads this season with 17 fights and Sena Acolatse is 2nd with 9 fights.
  • Olson has been in 58 fights going back to the 04-05 season.
  • Player who has fought the most against Seattle, Frazen McLaren (11), anyone surprised?
  • Imac vs. Tanner Gillies was the only fight in last years playoffs for Seattle
  • Bash Brothers Olson and James McEwan fought 19 and 18 times respectively in 05-06 with Olson getting 5 for going with Michael Funk while McEwan got only a double rough on March 18th, 2006.
  • website claims since 1998-99 the Tbirds have fought 91 times against the Portland Winterhawks, by far the most. 2nd on their list is Spokane with only 29!
  • Everett is closing fast despite their short history now have 26 tilts with the Birds.

Needless to say... lots of other cool stuff on there.

1 comment :

seattlebreaker said...

There is a great website on that keeps lists on fights from previous seasons.

It goes back to the early 90's and will bring tears to a Seattle fight fan when you see how much fighting has dropped in Seattle and the entire WHL

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