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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Game 2 Thread

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Mike said...

The T-Birds were bad tonight but the officials were worse. If refs Poole and Wieler worked this kind of a game in Madison Square Garden they would need bodyguards on the way out. There is no excuse for the WHL to put two refs like this on the ice in a playoff game. It makes a laughing stock out of the league. I have never yelled at officials the way I did tonight.

That being said the Birds were lackluster for their second straight night and would have at best made it to OT with good officiating. They are playing the way they did in the first half of the season as they can't seem to put pucks in the net. This is to Kelowna's credit as a mediocre defense and average at best goaltender have played two solid games. Their top players have been just that and ours have been M.I.A.

Let's hope a day off and a change of scenery helps the Birds get back on track and at least bring the series back home on Thursday.

Caprice said...

I agree, although I remember a game a few years back where I lost my voice yelling at Hasenfratz. But your assessment of the overall play is right on. Even with some decent officiating it would have been a close game.
The Birds just don't seem to want to go on in the playoffs as much as Kelowna. We've been down this road before and I was hoping this team would be different based on how they ended the season. I hope they can regroup on that bus ride and put some teamwork on the ice.

Kodi said...

This really was a chicken/egg type of game. We both know these two things:

1. Officiating was horrible
2. The Birds didn't play as well and barely got the puck on net. when they did there was nobody there for the rebounds

Now the question is how much did the officiating effect the game. I mean if you are getting a hooking call because you are trying to rip your stick out of the hands of the player HOLDING it or barely touching someone because you are going to get another penalty then you are going to become timid and afraid to do anything.

Then again, the better team should be able to overcome bad officiating.

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