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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Game Thread for Game 1

I'm going to set up game threads for Games 1 and 2 for people to leave their comments about what happens.


Mike said...

Very disappointing first game. This is the one lemon we get at home, another one and we are in big trouble.

We couldn't shut down their first line as their best players were just that and ours were not.

Westblom came up big, Riku was good enough to earn a start tomorrow.

Most disturbing is how flat we came out in the third after once again giving up a bad goal with just seconds left in the second period. That has happened way too many times as of late and it finally came back to bite us. I don't know if it's a mental lapse or what but it has to end.

Game 2 is a "must" win as I don't expect a repeat of 2005 when the home team lost the first six games.

secross2 said...

you said it. However, I think JD should get the start. Maybe we'll get some defense right off the start in game2......Go Birds

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