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Hockey Challenge 2014

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McEwan gets One Game

After looking out for this all day... I was scooped on this over in the forum.

McEwan gets a one game suspension for last night's buffoonery. Not surprising and likely wouldn't have had an impact on the game anyways.


Kodi said...

I am happy he got the suspension. Not necessarily for the action but for the boys. Nobody has to head hunt for him and it's one less thing they need to have on their mind for the game itself. It also helps ensure that nobody does anything stupid if we do close it out tomorrow so we aren't down anybody in the first game in Tri.

If this does happen to go to a game seven though it should be quite interesting.

Mike said...

The league did the right thing. Won't affect the game though because he sucks anyway. When the Rockets lost him during the season they put together 7 straight wins- shows how much they need him.

Game 7 doesn't exist and it never will.

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