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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Its a best of 3 series now

Tbirds get a HUGE win tonight in Kelowna to even the series at 2-2 and regain home ice advantage. This game couldn't have possibly started worse for Seattle as they were down 2-0 within the first 5 minutes of the game. They battled back behind Ian McKenzie (3 assists), Bud Holloway (1 and 1) and Thomas Hickey (1 and 1) and gained a 4-2 lead only to see it disappear on a penalty shot goal and capped by Greg Scott getting the Short Handed GWG just over a minute later.

I have to go play tonight so I will have more thoughts tomorrow....


Anonymous said...

Who were the 3 stars?

Thunnex said...

3 Stars:

1. Ian McKenzie - 3 assists
2. Colin Long
3. Greg Scott

Calijh7 said...

Anyone else notice that all 4 of these games have been horribly officiated. I think the WHL stopped screening these people.

Mike said...

Hey- just back from Kelowna where there were more T-Bird fans than in Everett!

The Kelowna fans hate the officials too but they had 8 pp's to our 5 plus a penalty shot that only Kelowna fans believed was correct.

The big line for us is getting hot and Westblom is getting tired.

We still need to control their top line which we haven't been able to do. We also need to put in a solid 60 mins which we haven't done yet and we shouldn't need to keep switching golies to wake up.

I really like our chances to break this silly home ice disadvantage thing in game 5 and take this thing in 6 games.

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