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Hockey Challenge 2014

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More thoughts on Game 4

-Gutty, Gritty, Huge, Enormous, Scrappy... you name it, the win in Game 4 was it for Seattle.

-This playoff history between the Rockets and Tbirds continues to be strange as the road team has won 10 of the last 11 playoff games between the two teams.

-In my opinion the most important game of any 7 game series is Game 5. Let's look at the situations for Game 5's.

Team A and Team B

A leads B 3-1 and looks to close it out. Obviously if Team A wins the series is over and if Team B wins not only is the series now much closer but the momentum has now shifted where a Game 6 on the road could carry and team back home for Game 7 or if returning home for Game 6 would most likely propel the series to a 7th game.

A and B are tied at 2-2. Here we are in this series. Winner takes a 3-2 lead and has two shots to close it out.

Based on how the road teams have dominated this historical matchup I wouldn't call Game 5 a must win for Seattle, but someone HAS to win a home game and this series might be over in 6 if Seattle could hold serve at home.

-How bad has the officiating been in this series. I have to think that Kelowna isn't very happy about the officiating to this point either, but Seattle is getting killed by the boys in the striped shirts in this series. How and where does an official come up with a penalty shot on that hooking by Seattle in the 3rd period?? Here is hoping that all the poor officiating is over and that these two teams can decide the series by performance and not by phantom Power Plays.

-I really don't understand Brady Leavold. Can I call him Beach Jr. yet? He is obviously talented and I love tough guys, but why go after a guy like Dillon? I don't think it took Seattle out of their game and it seemed to actually pump the Tbirds up a little bit. Going into the 1st intermission tied at 2-2, Seattle proceeded to score twice in the 2nd period to take the 4-2 lead. If you're going to be a tough guy, pick a fight with one of our tough guys and take your shots. Benn Olson went for a little retribution at the end of the game and I doubt we have see the last of that issue in this series.

-The Scott-Nielsen-Holloway line has played much better in Games 3 and 4 and I believe they are the key to the Tbirds success. If they play well in Game 5, Seattle wins...

Game 5 is tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

How has Thomas Hickey looked during the series up to this point?

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