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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Slight Correction...

Alan Caldwell has on his blog that Seattle's magic number to clinch the 4th seed is actually 4.5 and I am inclined to believe he is correct.

I couldn't find it listed anywhere on the WHL website (shocking I know) but I believe it has to do with the fact that even if Everett were to pull into a tie in points, Seattle would still win the head to head season series with them and would get the 4th seed. If anyone knows this to be absolutely true, let me know.


Kodi said...

If the T-Birds tie in points with Everett they actually win the first tie breaker which is total wins. Head to head is the second tie breaker (which might I add is stupid)

So if Everett win out and we win 4 of 6 with no extra points for a tie then they move into 4th.

Thunnex said...

ah I remember that now... which means I think the magic number should actually be 5 and not 4.5

If Seattle were to tie Everett in points Everett would certainly have more wins since Seattle has 4 extra points in OTL's and SL's.

I think the magic number has to be 5.

Mike said...

How idiotic that a team with one more win and 3 more losses can take over 4th over the team that they lost a 10 game season series to. The WHL and NHL need to do what MLB and the NFL does and go to season series as a first tie-breaker!!

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