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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Season on the line tonight in Game 3

Tbirds have managed to dig themselves a really big hole while I was gone this weekend, ugh. Who would have thought just 6 days ago that Kelowna would storm Key Arena and steal two wins from a lethargic, unmotivated Seattle team that finished the regular season on fire.

I did make it back in time to catch the 2nd and 3rd period of Game 2 on Saturday night and from what I'm told, the action was pretty much the same as the 4 periods that I missed.

I still believe this series is not over... but Game 3 is a must-win. You cannot go down 0-3 and expect to comeback. At the same time... you win Game 3 on the road and you shift momentum to where you can probably carry it over and win Game 4 and you are right back in the series.

Tonight must be a Seattle win or I believe the season is over.

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