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Hockey Challenge 2014

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On the cusp of a new season...

I know that not everyone who reads this blog could possibly also be a fan of all Seattle sports teams. I am born and raised in Seattle and follow closely the Mariners, Seahawks, Huskies and formerly the Sonics in addition to my fandom of our Seattle Thunderbirds.

Whether you call yourself a fan of these teams or ignore them altogether, I can say without a doubt that we are currently living in the worst period of Seattle sports that there ever has been. The Mariners are in last place in a season "they" expected to contend, the Sonics and our city's only major sports championship has been stolen and moved to Oklahoma City, Husky football has reached a new low, Husky basketball is not expected to be great this season, and the Seahawks, the team currently in possession of the cities biggest concentration of interest and another team expected to contend this year is also in last place and potentially hanging their season on a home game against the Rams on Sunday.

Through all of this... we have the start of what will be a historic season for the Thunderbirds. A season where the TBirds might be able to return the franchise to an era we will look back to with some level of longing. When Seattle played in the sweat box known as the Center House. While we all have to wait approximately another 12 weeks to see OUR new home, our new barn... the start of the season provides for all of us an outlet for our anticipation of the new arena and hopefully some relief from the gloom and doom that has been Seattle sports recently.

Let's hope this team can survive the perils of the early road schedule and put together a nice first half of the season. The opening of the KEC will come faster than any of us realize and hopefully on opening night the fans will be treated to a team in 1st place (too much to ask?) or at least in a position to make a deep run into the playoffs. It all starts tomorrow night in Prince George.


Anonymous said...

I believe you meant Seattle Center Arena when you said "Center House".

Thunnex said...

yes... I was referring to the area around there but you are correct.

Unknown said...

a definite raise of the glass to a successful first half.

not sure if anyone had mentioned it on the tbirds or hf boards, but as first broken by james mirtle and others, it sounds like the kings are a leading contender in the mathieu schneider sweepstakes. if they do end up landing him, i wonder how much of an impact that'll have an impact on hickey being returned.

Anonymous said...

Seattle isn't all bad right now. the Storm are in the playoffs! next game Tuesday at 6pm!

Thunnex said...


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