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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Dust Storm

That was a pretty nice dust storm I kicked up yesterday wasn't it??

Let me clarify a few points here.

- Earlier in the season I have preached patience for the fact that this team is very young and generally inexperienced and didn't have the veteran high end talent that other Seattle teams have had in previous seasons. These "excuses" all still apply to the team we saw on Sunday night but I think there is one very big difference. I have said all along I wouldn't get too caught up in the wins and losses and my frustration stems a lot more from the lack of effort and team play than the fact that they lost the game. Was I happy when the game was tied 1-1 after the 1st?? Heck no, I was pissed... Was I happy when they led 2-1 after the 2nd? A little bit. Was I happy that we sent the game to regulation and "earned" a point?? Heck no... because the 3rd period stunk, the 1st period stunk and the 2nd period was just ok. Losing with effort is much different from losing with no effort and no heart and that is what we saw from the Tbirds on Sunday.

- I love the fact that people disagree with me. I do. In fact I welcome it. What the heck do I know... I'm just some guy who grew up playing hockey and watching the Tbirds and I was never good enough to play past Bantams. My opinion is just one of many... but... if you're going to come on here and disagree with me or provide an opinion, don't expect me to take you very seriously if you provide no facts or at least an attempt at evidence. If you don't... just expect that I will say "well that's your opinion, you are entitled to it..." and nothing more.

- I'm really not sure how Nielsen has become the lightning rod for this conversation. I'm not saying Lindsay is the greatest 20 year old to ever play for Seattle but I could probably name 7 or 8 players on this team that I'm a lot less happy with than him. Like I said... everyone is entitled to their opinion but I have to assume that the coaches and Farwell probably agree with me and not with you guys. I'll take my chances with that... no offense to anyone.

- I'm not saying trade everyone... haha. I'm saying, the coaches and the players know which guys are playing hard and which ones aren't. They also know which guys are playing for the team and which guys are not. I'm just advocating trading the players who aren't playing hard and/or aren't playing for the name on the front of the jersey. Give me 22 guys who want to play for the Seattle Thunderbirds and don't play like they need goals to improve their draft status and I will take the wins with the losses. In two years, if you are a contender you can afford to grab a player like Mitch Fadden who can help put you over the top. You have to build that foundation first and I don't see that happening with this group.

I'm very curious and anxious to see how the team responds on Wednesday against a Saskatoon team that it probably top 3 or 4 in the entire WHL.


Anonymous said...

please name the 7 or 8 you are more unhappy with than nielson.

Mike said...

Tyler already said he's not going to call players out individually and that is the right decision. I've watched this team at home and about half of the games on the road and I know which ones he's talking about. I've also heard much off the ice about guys who are upset at the way some guys play or act but I'm not about to call out teenagers on a website either.

Jim said...

Off the topic, but am I the only one who thinks it is hilarious that "Anonymous" is asking for the names of the players?

Anonymous said...

I agree it shows a lack of common sense, sensitivity and maturity to put down a teenage player on a forum. There is atleast one poster here who pretends he knows about hockey and consistantly slams individual players with uncalled for insults. Then insults other posters who disagree and call him out for the dim, odd, inaccurate statements. It's getting real old.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should try to make they're own conclusions about players. When you watch the games look for players who stay too high in the defensive zone and do not stay high when they're the 3rd man to enter the offensive zone. Look for the players who avoid doing the hard work in the corners and along the boards and allow others to do the work so they can pick up a loose puck. Watch players who hold the puck too long and will shoot from anywhere rather than pass. Watch who really backchecks and who just halfheartedly goes through the motions. If you look at the +/- for the first half it will also give you some clues.

Trevor's Dad said...

Anyone know when Sylvestor will play again? I thought he was one of our better players early this season...

Thunnex said...

I've been told he is skating again but as far as a timetable for him to be playing games again, I don't think they really know yet.

Unknown said...

I guess my question is what's wrong with calling a player out? It shouldn't matter what age they are if they are playing a sport that is covered by media, played on radio stations, put on tv, and not to mention the highest level of hockey these kids are playing. Isn't that what they themselves signed up for? I'm not saying let's verbally beat down a player, but this league helps them get ready for the next level. Don't you think the ones who make it beyond this point will get critisized? Again, I am not for bashing a player for no reason, but if a player isn't playing up to his potential, then what's wrong with calling them out. I kind of feel like that's babying someone, and we are hiding them from what the hockey world can be like. Oh, you are 16 so you get a pass. I honestly feel if it wasn't for a fan sites like this, that players have the access to read, that those players wouldn't step up. Perfect example, prab rai, everyone was bashing him for his slow start, not saying he read anything, or listened to fans at the games, but something lit the fire under him. I could name 5 or 6 players right now who could use that same motivation. Maybe I'm playing the devils advocate, but using there age as an excuse seems silly to me

Thunnex said...

Couple things here.

1) Don't doubt for a minute that the players, coaches and Russ all read my blog. You'll never hear them admit it, and quite frankly I don't think they need to, but they definitely do.

2) Don't think for a minute that anything I say or fans say REALLY mean that much to them. Rob and Russ aren't taking advice from me and they definitely don't need to.

3) Attached to that... players may read this website, but I doubt Prab Rai or anyone is really going to start playing hard because myself or fans called them out here.

4) Lastly... I'm standing by the fact that I just don't want to be in the habit of calling out kids individually. Most (not all) of these kids are essentially high school players. Sure they signed up for this but I just feel that it isn't right for me to be bashing kids who aren't even legal adults yet. You can say I'm hiding, that's fine but I'm pretty resolute in my belief. It doesn't mean that I won't point out when a player is struggling or not playing well you just aren't going to hear me say "Player X is terrible, he doesn't hustle he doesn't work hard I hope he is traded"... I just don't feel right about doing that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Tyler. Dub players are not million $ pros. They are kids that have made countless sacrifices to pursue their dream. Each of them has spent thousands of hours training, practicing and playing. They've all had many qualified trainers and coaches to critique and motivate them. Of coarse they are all still growing, learning and developing their skills.

It rubs me the wrong way when people make mean spirited comments about individual players and try to make their opinions appear as facts. There is no reason to insult players while your trying to promote your favorite one.

I realize some who post here are new to the game or maybe youngters as well and they too are still learning and maturing. I hope any players or their families who do read your blog don't take it too seriously.

Unknown said...

I don't want you too think I'm disagreeing with you, like I said, I'm playing the devils advocate here. I agree, commenting like this player sucks, or that player is crap, without any basis or any facts why the player is that way is a lot different than saying I think this player isn't playing to his full potential. My question is what's so bad about saying this guy isn't putting 100 percent into the team or the game? I'm not the one asking you to call out any players, I'm just saying I don't think its so bad to say this person isn't playing to there potential.

Anonymous said...

Tyler and others have made their point very clear. Nuff said.

Mike said...

I, being a sociable nice fello :) have a tendency to become friendly with some of the players, I also follow the team very closely, go on road trips, stay in the same hotels etc etc etc. As a human being it is impossible to not have favorites when you get into this situation. Therefore I have a hard time calling out individual players especially since my opinion might be blurred a bit by favoritism.

However I have no problem whatsoever saying things like "we played like crap tonight." You can be honest without calling out names, it's really not that important.

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