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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Sweet victory!!!

Seattle beats Everett tonight 3-2 as I finish the night with a little "Youngblood"....

Tbirds with an overall "good effort" tonight... I didn't think it was an awesome effort but it wasn't a bad effort either. The first period was excellent and it was enough to carry the result of the game. Seattle was very good on the PP tonight scoring twice in six chances and being dangerous on nearly 5 of them.

The win gets Seattle to within 3 points of the 8th place Chilliwack Bruins and the final playoff spot in the Western Conference.

A nice night by Prab Rai who nets 2 goals in win... and Charles Wells picks up two assists on a night where he was dangerous on numerous chances with the puck. Captain Lindsay Nielsen also has 2 assists on the night and now has 6 points in his past 3 games.'

Seattle now is exactly 4 games through their 8 game steak of game against the U.S. Division and return to action next Friday against the Tri-City Americans.


stbird said...

Nice how when we win a game at home, that none of you haters on this blog have anything to say. So so funny, I bet if we gave up that three goal 1st period lead and lose, this blog would have been blown up with all of you that just continue to bash on the T-Birds every chance you get.

We looked pretty good last night. Just need a little more umph to finish teams off. Plus the PP looks better than its been in like 5 years.

Go Home Haters!!!
Go Birds!!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems as if you are the hater. Hating on the haters. It must be a crime if someone posesses a belief or opinion that doesn't coincide with yours, or the majority. Just because one has an opinion that differs does not mean that they don't root for the birds or wish the franchise the very best. Maybe, just maybe they feel the constant medocrity (in a good year) needs to be addressed.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how people "hate" on the T-birds. I haven't read any comments that weren't somewhat true... Must we forget the T-birds are 9th in a 10 team West. It's not like these "haters" are saying the T-birds are going 0-72... But they aren't going to win the U.S. Division like I guess some people think they are talented enough to do..... The reality has been the same all year this team will fall somewhere in the 7-9 range of the Western Conference. I understand there are people that go overboard with the "worst team" ever statements. But the fact is this is not that good of a team, most of us just choose to not care about it and watch hockey.

Mike said...

Still a LOOOONG way to go kids. Lets see how far Tri Cities can get with Drew Owsley, or Portland with Ian Curtis, or Everett with Thomas Heemskerk. Let's just see.

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