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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Game #37 vs. Swift Current Broncos Game Thread

Tbirds try to run the winning streak to 2...


Mike said...

I don't know.. some were happy with our play but to me and I know this is an easy excuse but it seemed like we were half in the game and half already at home for the holidays. The result was half a win.

Moose17 said...

Agreed, last night was a little strange. Giving up a goal with 10 seconds left in the period when you are on a powerplay is just poor. On the positive side I am really liking the play of Erik Bonsor so far. I have also been very happy with the play of Jeremy Schappert this year. Poor Calvin can use the help. He is making this team look much better than they have a right to look. Man he's fun to watch!

Unknown said...

Agreed on all, Moose!

I've noticed Bonsor quite a bit when I see the other team's plays getting broken up or when the TBirds make a good push forward. I can't remember; is he on the same line as Mikhail?
Schappert has been doing awesome. Hopefully he'll leave some of that talent behind for Dillon :).
Calvin's stretching save was really fun to watch!

Anonymous said...

Bonsor is a defenseman so he would not be on Mikhail's line. Sentyurin has been skating with Rouse and Jacobs. Bonsor is usually paired up with the other Erik; Fleming, who is quietly becoming a very solid d-man.

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