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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Game #35 vs. Spokane Game Thread

I probably won't write anything until tomorrow morning... so everyone can use this to fire off their comments.


Anonymous said...

A bit off topic, but we went to the Everett game on Saturday and the ref's hit on Dailey was brutal.

Unknown said...

Yeah, and the ref won!!! Also a side note from that game, gudas is eventually going to hurt someone really bad and I think the league should look at some of his checks. He comes in very high and atleast 3 times in the game in everett he did that, including a cheap shot on wells. Don't get me wrong, not every check he does is bad, but watching him now in 5 games, I will not be surprised when we are talking about him being suspeneded for like 5 games for some dangerous check, or illegal hit.

Anonymous said...

I agree. We were commenting on what a dirty player he is during the game.

Kevin said...

the timing of line changes were horrible. Many times, we would leave only one player rushing into the offensive zone. With no support, he turned it over. This is bad coaching. No wonder we had trouble scoring. We couldn't retain possession of the puck.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with bad coaching...the coaching is not the issue - it's the players following through with what the coaches are telling them what they should be doing. It's the execution by the players. Coaches cannot go on the ice during games and play for these kids.

Unknown said...

Its funny, people talk about how good the coaching is when we win a couple games in a row, we lose a few, and everything is the coaches fault again. We are a young team, those kind of games, and those kind of mistakes are going to happen.

Kevin said...

My only reference about bad coaching is timing of the line changes. I'm not saying it about everything else in general. I'm not blaming anything else on Rob.

How many times did we have one player rushing the zone while everyone else is making a change? That one player coughs up the puck because there is no support. If he had support, we can retain possession better. If we retain possession, we generate offensive chances. It's simple. You can't score if the other team has the puck. Unless you are playing against Ryan O'Byrne.

They are very slow on line changes too. Something they need to practice more.

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