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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Trade Deadline Information

So... there are 31 days until the WHL trade deadline.

I should probably write something about where the Tbirds are at and where some other teams in the league might be... well forget that...

Find everything you want to know over at Alan Caldwell's blog right here. That guy is money...

1 comment :

Unknown said...

Really good article, I love reading him and greg drinnan. I think though he under estimates so of the tbird talent. Not saying we really have a lot but he only listed warg, and rai. I think rai's our biggest trade chip, and I can see a team like brandon or any of the other eastern teams trying to get him. But what about schappert? He's having a great year, and would for sure be considered a top 4 defender on any team that needed a defender. He's been solid all year long. Warg too I think could be traded, I just think the whole import thing is going to kill us in trying to trade him. We do have guys though that we might not get much for, but we could flip them to another team to build for our future. Dillon, ramsay, and sena could all be added into a trade to bring back more. Realistcally I only see one of rai or schappert being traded, with maybe one other player like a dillon or a ramsay to get a little more back. I hope we do make a deal though, cause it would be nice to add more to next years team, like another scorer, and another dman, we will be hurting on the blue line next year, especially now with chaffin not coming back.

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