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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Haber to Red Deer

Minor trade this morning sees Seattle send Brad Haber to Red Deer for a conditional 7th round selection in the draft next year.

Haber, 19, was clearly not going to be a part of the plans for next season. Hopefully this will give him an opportunity with the Rebels to earn some additional playing time.

The condition on the draft pick is probably that he sticks around in Red Deer for the rest of the season.

Press release is here.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully Haber will see more ice time at Red Deer. Good Luck to him!

Raven said...

Good luck to Brad. Hope Red Deer works out well for him.

Anonymous said...

Are they going to bring up Jared Crema?

Thunnex said...

I don't anticipate them bringing in Crema.

Mike said...

they need to bring in someone.. we only have 23 on roster which is too low and only 7 D-Men is dangerous. As is we only have 6 healthy and there is a lot of season to go.

Anonymous said...

i miss seeing brad out there! i really want him back, i thought he was doing just fine. Brad was and still is my favorite player, because he stood up for me and helped me last year. and his family is soooo sweet! i love his mom shes so funny and nice. and has anyone else noticed that since brad lest the birds have been playing like crap? dont get me wrong i love the t-birds and i always will but i watch them and now they are not even trying out there....its really sad to see them fall like this...

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