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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle vs. Saskatoon Game Thread

Comment of the week... from of course Anonymous... I wish I could give this person due credit.

"Everyone should try to make they're (sic) own conclusions about players. When you watch the games look for players who stay too high in the defensive zone and do not stay high when they're (sic) the 3rd man to enter the offensive zone. Look for players who avoid doing the work in the corners and along the board and allow others to do the work so they can pick up the loose puck. Watch the players who hold the puck too long and will shoot from anywhere rather than pass. Watch who really backchecks and who just halfheartedly goes through the motions. If you look at the +/- for the first half it will also give you some clues."

Comment of the week. I'm not sure I could have said it better myself.

I will add... don't just look for these things and notice them one time. Every player is bound to slip up at times. Look for the players with whom you see it happen often and consistently. Basically... don't notice Nielsen not dig a puck out one time and try to tell me why he sucks. We are looking for patterns here, not single occurrences that validate your own opinion.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked my comment Tyler. I put Anonoymous because even though I check your blog regularly I post infrequently only when I have something worthwhile to say.

I hope the team gives a good solid effort tonight!

stbird said...

Man I missed alot while on Christmas vacation. HUM BUG.

Well with all these opinons going around I would like to voice mine too. I do feel there is really more than just one problem with this team. The one that really stands out to me is hitting. I know its getting harder and harder in this league to hit someone and not get a penalty but it does seem to me that hitting on this team is very contagious and we play better when everyone is playing physical.

And is anyone else worried that Pickard is getting way to many starts? I think Owsley for the Americans is the only goaltender that has more starts and now they have got some russian goalie that is suppose to be good. (he did get a shutout in his first WHL game on Monday.) I know Pickard is young but we cant burn him out. we are going to have him for hopefully two more years I think it would be nice if he didnt play 70 damn games this year.

Anonymous said...

Tonight is a night that I would have pulled Pickard to start the third period. Of course, I didn't know we were going to storm back with 3 quick goals either.

But with a game tomorrow night in Portland, and with the physical nature of tonight's game, I would have given Picks the third period off --- not as pumishment, just for rest.

If I am Kyle Jaharus (sp??) I don't know why I am here. I understand he is only going to get a handful of starts --- but his complete lack of playing time is ridiculous. He's 19. He won't be back in the league next year. If I were him, which obviously I am not, I would be pursuing some other places to play, at lower levels. He needs to be playing a little bit. Not sitting on the bench. I would have expected him to get at least 8-10 starts this year.

Anonymous said...

Nielsen had a decent game tonight. I am a Nielsen hater. I think he plays soft. I think he plays with a total lack of emotion. I think for an overage, he is horrible at faceoffs (although he won a couple key faceoffs tonight). I have watched the kid for all of his years in Seattle. I haven't seen the improvement I expect from a veteran in this league. I just don't care of him. Many fans don't in the area I sit around. But tonight I would say he played well.

Mike said...

Another game where we only play for a portion of the game. Look at what we can accomplish when we play hard, we made a great team look silly... when will they get in in their heads that it is a 60 minute game??

Also those two bozo officials from sask should be fired. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Byblow was the worst I have seen all year. Don't care if we don't see him back this season.

Not playing the full 60 minutes is coaching in my opinion. Who else can you blame? You can't fire the whole team.

Great crowd tonight by the way.

Anonymous said...

For those who don't think Nielsen plays hard and is one of the better two way players on this team, I seriously question your hockey IQ. I don't hink anyone is saying he is a superstar but he knows his role and does it well.

Anonymous said...

Amazing as always

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