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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow

I personally love this day more then any other day of the year.  Yes, even Christmas.  Well, OK, the joy on my kids faces on Christmas I guess out does tomorrow (but it's really close).

I don't think I have to tell anyone reading this that tomorrow is the opening day of training camp (but I will anyways).

Since I have the best job in the world, I will be at both scrimmages tomorrow, one at 9am, and one at 4:30pm.

I love to meet any parents, players, fans, concession workers with free food, etc.
I most likely will be sitting in the top couple of rows, somewhere near center ice.
If I had to guess, I will grab a clean pair of jeans off the floor, and throw on a TBird shirt.

Come find me if you want to chat.
Also, since there is a long window of time between games, I will gladly go grab some food with poeple, as long as they are buying.

Hope to see a bunch of you tomorrow, or the rest of the weekend for that matter.

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James M. Cunningham said...

ryknowiWe notice all these changes and the birds do too. The fall migration is underway and different species are working their way south day by day.

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