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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Elders join the youth movement today at 3pm

I will be there, but wanted to create something so people had a place to post thoughts about the game and just how bad players looked <g>


Anonymous said...

Players I liked
1) Kreklewich (good speed and played defense)
2) Folk (a few good hits)
3) Volcan
4) Barzal
5) Khaira and Fabbro (defensively)
6) Holowko
7) Easnor
8) Not overly impressed with Kolesar

Might be a good idea to look for a veteran goalie.

Anonymous said...

I liked

1.) Pederson (best of the young forwards)
2.) Bear (best of the young defencemen)
3.) Volcan (best of the 2013 draft class)
4.) Fabbro
5.) Barzal
6.) Folk
7.) Mumuagh (best of the goalies)

I agree with others on Kolesar .... YUCK! Who's the brainchild behind that draft pick? I sure as hell hope he can fight, cuz he can't do much else

Anonymous said...

Kolesar may have had a bad camp, I don't know cause I wasn't there but this kid has the pedigree to be something special in the whl for a long long time. I wouldn't give up on him yet. There are many reasons for a guy to have an off couple of days, the most common of which is illness. I can remember getting sick at Washington state select camps as a young lad myself. No fun.
Also, I hope you aren't suggesting Pederson is a better player than Barzal when you say he's the best of the young forwards cause I doubt there are many scouts that would agree with you on that.

Anonymous said...

What are the chances we could stag Williams from Spokane as our goalie for the year? How much would he cost do you think?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Kolesar stunk...oh, other than setting up the tying goal late after leaving Hauf looking for his jock at the blue skill there, good call...

Anonymous said...

Trook alreadly injured?
Hauf looking for his jock, is that something new? Maybe that is why he wasn't drafted.
Hickman and Lipsberg looked good as returning veteran's

Anonymous said...

Kolesar is going to fine everyone, give him a chance an let's give him the preseason games to show his stuff. As for the goalie position for the upcoming year, I am really worried about it.

Jon said...

Before I head off to watch the morning session, here are my thoughts on some players from session 1.

Team Blue
I'll start with them since they were first out.

Barzal - He really sucked this game. First time I have been disappointed with his play. I know he was only in on the first 5 goals for the team, but at this rate, I might start calling him a 1st round bust.
Hickman - Bigger, taller, great shot, and played with Barzal
Lipsberg - See Hickman
Kreklewich - I was impressed with him both games, and is growing on me
Elder - has a very good shot
Weber - Haven't noticed him much during all the scrimmages, other then his name is not Shea Weber. But today, played very well, and had a great breakaway move
Wardley - Looks bigger. I have heard he came into camp in amazing shape. And he is on a role. With a slapshot like he scored on in the game today, I look for him to man the point on the PP. Anything less then 213 PP goals this season will be a huge disappointment for me. Ok, maybe there is some sarcasm there
Wolf - looks like he took skating lessons over the summer. And put on some weight. Still tall. I thought he played well in both games.
Lamothe - Took a couple hard checks very well, and ended up with the advantage despite being checked
Osterman - I have not seen many comments on this kid, but you can ask Tyler what I texted him during the first scrimmage on day one of camp. I am very impressed with Luke (plus we need one to replace Lockhart). He rushes the puck well, gets back when he does rush it. Is patient with the puck and does not make a panicked move. Only issue I see is that he appear afraid to take the man in front of the net physically. But that can come from being from Minnesota where you don't really do that. He had two HUGE checks on the boards (one a hip check that is never done). Both times, the guy that took the hit wanted a piece of him. I personally think he makes the team as a 16 defender. He is doing everything he can to make it very difficult to say no.
Fordyce - I have only seen him play 30 minutes now, so I am not going to give an opinion (I need Tyler the goalie to see him). But what really impressed me most about him was the fact he TALKED on the ice to everyone. Telling his defenders what was happening, and where to go.

Jon said...

I am only allowed 4096 characters (dam twitter)

Team White
Their next, well, because they played team blue in the first game

Honey - Didn't see a lot out of him like I expected the vet to show. Wasnt the greatest, but also wasnt the worst.
Kolsar - A lot of people both on this blog and off have talked to me about how bad this kid is. I just couldn't disagree more. Is he having the best camp in the world, that depends on what you expect out of him. To me, he is a power forward (aka Milan Lucic, can anyone tell me where he played his 16 year old season?) The move he put on Hauf for the tie in the second scrimmage was such a nice inside outside move, then he drive to the net. Same thing on a couple others ones. That is what he is going to do.
Volcan - Didn't really notice the Volcano like I did during rookie scrimmage. Don't worry, happens to a lot of kids.
Easnor - Continue to be impressed with him. Very strong on his skates, and a very nice shot.
Holub - Got injured in the second scrimmage (heard it was a Carter Folk knee cheap shot), but came back despite the pain and played. Used his speed well, but just never quite hit it off with Easnor and Volcan.
Forsberg - Very solid like normal. But a note to Jesse. While skating out of the zone with the puck, and you hear Barzal coming up from behind you, do something other then look used when you get you back pocket picked and giving up the goal.
Foulk - Great job standing up for his teammate (Holub, and I have heard Honey also), by going after Folk. To steal a line from someone next to me, it was a Folk festival. To steal another line, they were fighting over the spelling of the last name.
Khaira - Didn't notice him as much as I did during scrimmages
Durdle - wrote down that he appears to really see the ice well and make the smart move
Theodore - Theo Theo Theo. Appears to have grown taller (looks like longer legs). Still can dangle the puck with the best of them
Mumaguh - Struggled in first game, but then again, when you are faced with Barzal from 10 feet out by himself, it can happen). I have heard from a couple other fans, that Danny is playing injured, but no idea if true or not.
Flodell - I leave judging goaltending up to Tyler since he plays goal (and rather well, except of course when I am coming in to score on him ). But Flodell seemed to be very strong out there position wise.

Jon said...

Even Facebook lets me post more text then blogger for a comment

Team Grey
Their last, well, because I hate the color grey. Its boring, or kind of how this team played today.

Delnov - Talk, Talk, talk. Was having fun with everyone out there, talking.
Swenson - The funny leader on the ice. I really hope how he was playing today continues the rest of the season. I have been an open critic of his, and this is one where I will be glad to say I was wrong. Best thing he did in the second game was yell at Linemen Brooks. Not once, but twice.
Folk - I like him. He seems to know his role. Get under peoples skin, and play tough. Everyone wanted to go after him, and Folke finally got him. Neither player really landed a lot. If it was that 10 point must system, the coin toss would have won the fight 10-9. But I do like what I see in him.
Williamson - Fan favorite. Big fan favorite. Huge fan favorite. I have not seen the fans attach themselves to a player like this since, well, since, OK, I got nothing here (was hoping a good joke would come to me). Overall, I think he plays fun style, and works very hard at it. Come back and talk to me when he gains 50 pounds (might have to be 75). OK, that is little rough on the kid, he is playing better then that, and has some nice moves on the breakaway.
Hauf - Other then being walked around (by what some are calling the biggest first round bust in the history of the WHL), I thought he played his usual style. Big, tall, sound defensive hockey.
Douglas - Did he play at all in either game? That is a good thing, because that means he didn't stand out os a bad player
Fabbro - I can see what the scouts saw in him (and fell in love with). Smooth, sees the ice. I didn't think he struggled, but also didn't stand out. Moments of magic, followed by moments of "Has he had a shift lately".
Bear - Not much to say, I just love the name
Myles - had a good game in net

Anonymous said...

Barzal looked better in game 1 yesterday but then faded away in game 2 again.

Not saying Pederson is the better player. I am just saying Pederson is the best of the forwards at this camp.

Barzal good as well. Just not living up to the hype. That might be a good thing for us, have him stick around for the full 4 or 5 years.

Any way you try and spin Kolesar ... he is awful. Are you really pinning his whole camp on a toe drag of Hauf? Big deal. My grandmother can toe drag Hauf. Let him try that against Portland. Sorry, I am trying to like him, but he has no skill beyond a practiced move or two, does not see the ice at all and isn't quick enough to use his size at this level. He wouldn't be the first time a first rounder busted out this early, but I had higher hopes.

However, Pderson might make up for the wasted pick on Kolesar. He is for real.

Jon said...

And lastly

Couple other notes
Congratulations are in order for T-Bird scout and former coach Peter Anholt. His blue team won both it's games. That raises his career win total to 12,567,432 wins. But bonus points to anyone that can answer how many Memorial cup rings he has? Even more bonus points for how many WHL championship rings he has? And then I will give you one billion bonus points if you can answer how many more rings he has then I do.
Troock - Talked to some people that are laughing that he is already hurt, blah, blah. The only thing I am going to say to that is look back on BING (my recommended and preferred search engine ) for when Troock's surgery was done, and how long the estimated the healing process to take
Non mentioned players - Just because I didn't mention a player is also a good thing. That means to me, they did nothing wrong also, and didn't stick out as "Look at me, I suck"
Great crowd came out for this game. But not very vocal.Guess there was not any $2 beers.

Anonymous said...

Kolesar even skates with his head down ... like a giant squirt

TBird said...

Osterman as a 16? I think he loses the numbers game.

Based on what I've seen. I would be willing to bet a lot of money that your 16's this year are;

1.) Barzal
2.) Pederson
3.) Bear
4.) Possibly Flodell ... depending which direction we go with goalies
5.) Ugh ... probably Kolesar. You have to give your 1st rounders a chance, and he definitely has the size to play. Might as well see what he can do

Anonymous said...

Marian Lucic played his 16 year old season with the Coquitlam Express of the BCHL. He had 9 goals and 100 PIMS in 50 games.

Probably not a bad idea to assign Kolesar to Junior A and let him develop.

He has lots of time yet to refine his game, work on his skating etc. No rush to bring him up premature.

Too early to tell yet if he will be a good WHLer. He may be better suited to step in as a 17 or 18 year old

Anonymous said...

10:52 PM said "I hope you aren't suggesting Pederson is a better player than Barzal when you say he's the best of the young forwards cause I doubt there are many scouts that would agree with you on that."

It should be noted, the last time "the scouts" disagreed with me on a WHL prospect was back in 2010. His name was Alex Forsberg. They said he was a no miss lock and early NHL first rounder. I said he was good, but not great.

Let's hope I am wrong this time and they are right.

Anonymous said...

Kolesar is much more reminiscent of Klarc Wilson than he is Milan Lucic. He will give us 20 points a year and 100+ PIMS - provide some toughness. Nothing wrong with that either. Maybe not the roll you want for a 16 year old, but he'll be a fixture here by his 17th season and right through his 20th season.

Anonymous said...

I figured it out. The team has decided to keep Elliot so that he can mentor Kolesar on the finer points of "playing like a giant squirt"

c'mon, give him a chance.

By the way I like Klarc Wilson, so if Kolesar goes that way I am satisfied. A tough guy who puts up 20+ points would be great. Honestly though I see Kolesar developing beyond that. I think he scores 20 goals on a stellar 2nd line as an 18/19 year old. remember Sena Acolatse? that guy was a giant squirt for a while too, and he turned out pretty well.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about possible first line combos. Everybody like the Lipsbergs-Delnov-Honey line, except that they can't win faceoffs. But what about this:
Lipsbergs-Barzal-Swenson. What I see here is Swenson as the first forechecker, the guy who lays the hit. Barzal is the second guy there to win the battle for the loose puck, and Lippy is the high guy for the snipe.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a first line of Lipsbergs - Pederson - Honey and then bring in Delnov with Barzal and Swenson as a solid 1-2 punch

Really liked that Delnov-Pederson-Honey line this morning. They really dictated the pace. Pederson looked like a vet out there.

Anonymous said...

11:21 said "The team has decided to keep Elliot so that he can mentor Kolesar on the finer points of playing like a giant squirt"

Hey, before Elliott can mentor anyone, he's gotta learn to play as good as a giant squirt. As it is, I've seen squirts play better.

And yes ... anyway you spin it .... Eliott is the definition of GOON. If you look it up in the dictionary you'll see his face with a definition "can't actually play, so he is sent out to goon it up".

Having said that, I can see Elliot mentoring Kolesar. Cut from the same cloth by the looks of it.

You cant put lipstick on a GOON. Well ya can, but ya just get thug transvetite

Anonymous said...

Anyone else have the feeling ANON 11:21 wouldn't know a goon even if say, Tony Twist bounced his fist off their face half a dozen times?

Anonymous said...

No, I think 11:21 has it right.

As a TBIRD fan I understand the willingness to go in denial on Elliot, but if we are being honest with ourselves, it is what it is.

Not sure there is anything wrong with being a Goon. I liked the movie and there is obviously a place for them in hockey

Anonymous said...

I guess if there is one thing we learned, even Eliott can score in training camp

Didn't Kolesar get one too?

tiny said...

I get the frustration.

It's time we go skill (Paderson/Barzal etc.) over size (Eliott/Kolesar etc.).

Getting rid of Green in favor of young skilled defencemen like Bear is a good start. Let's keep it going with guys like Pederson and Barzal.

Unknown said...

Nice writeup Jon, very amusing. I heard from a very reliable source that Mumbaugh is hurt, I'm not sure if that affected his play a lot or not, or maybe it was just having Lipsbergs, Barzal, and Hickman right in front of him every time he looked up.

Jon, I tried to look up Troock's surgery, but I didn't see anything. I'm assuming that he was still recovering from surgery, if that what you were implying? I know the Q & A he said he was being careful with his shoulder.

I thought Kolesar looked pretty good this morning, but maybe I wasn't watching the right moments. He was displaying a nice shot, just looked better overall than he did yesterday. Maybe hockey is like some of the other sports where younger players are inconsistent. Maybe one of our friendly anon scouts can confirm or deny this for me.

Pederson has looked good in camp, but better than Barzal? Come on, are you expecting Barzal to score every shift?

I wouldn't break up the line of Lips-Barzal-Hickman. They seem to have pretty good chemistry in the scrimmages.

Seriously again with the goon talk :( Watch Slapshot and pay particular attention to the Hanson brothers then you might be able to figure out what a goon is.

Anonymous said...

Slapshot is a movie and the characters are one dimensional. In real life, Rliott is a goon.

No one expects Barzal to score every shift,but cconsidering the advantages he is being given and the hype surrounding him, is it too much to ask that he perform strongest in his own age group? So far this camp, that honor goes to Pederson and hard earned without the same advantages.

Barzal has been a close second. Let's justhope the entitlement culture ends at camp and the best players play when the puck drops for real.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 6:20 "Rlliot" is just not a goon. Being an enforcer is totally different.

Anonymous said...

I played 4 years in the WHL and 4 years minor oeo. And I love Mitch, but I'm sorry, he's a Goon. Sorry if that offends you. I am pretty sure Mitch embraces the title. He's a beauty

Anonymous said...

I hear Troock is not playing because the team wants to give his shoulder as much time as possible before regular season starts. Troock is ready to play and been given full clearance by doctors but the team is right in not putting him in these games for no reason. He looks to be in great shape and I watched him when he was on the ice by himself and he looked awesome. Sure looks ready to me.

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