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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Training Camp is Upon Us

Training Camp starts tomorrow and even though it doesn't seem like it, Jon and I have been working on a few different entries to kick off the season. I will be heading to Tri-City for a hockey tournament this weekend (weird timing right?) but I will make it to the late session tomorrow and the scrimmage on Monday. Jon will be attending all weekend and logging entries about what he sees.

This season is one of the most important seasons for Seattle in many years and we're excited to try to bring more content than ever to you people, the fans. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors and hopefully we can deliver.

For Russ Farwell and the Tbirds... I think this season has to be the season of progress or I think every fan will have the right to be frustrated and angry. The team has been mostly bad for 4 seasons now and were pretty lucky to make the playoffs last year with a losing record. The roster is likely to be loaded with 18 and 19 year old players in addition to a very talented 16 year old. Steve Konowalchuk will be in his 3rd season and most or all of these players should know what he expects.

I don't usually get too crazy with predictions but I think Seattle has to expect to have home ice in the first round of the playoffs or something went wrong in the regular season..... but we'll save that for another post for another time.

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