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Sanvido Era Over and Johnson Included

Seattle just announced that they have traded Connor Sanvido and Andrew Johnson to Swift Current for a 4th round Bantam Draft selection.

Sanvido was a candidate to make the team as a 20 year old player and this trade will mark the end of his disappointing Seattle career. Drafted 14th overall in the 2008 Bantam Draft, Sanvido just never seemed to improve very much with Seattle and his skating ability just never seemed to translate to the WHL level. In 2011, he was sent home from the team for disciplinary reasons before reconciling with the coaching staff and returning. He enjoyed his best season (by far) in 2012-13 as he posted 15 goals and 14 assists with a -7 rating. This leaves Seattle with only Jesse Forsberg, Seth Swenson and Mitch Elliot as possible 20 year old players from last season's roster.

This appears to pave the way for Seattle to acquire a 20 year old goaltender. We'll have to wait and see if that happens.

Johnson came over at the trade deadline last season and played 30 games with Seattle registering just 6 goals and 8 points with a -9 rating.  I had assumed that his place on the team was fairly secure with a lack of experience at the Center position. It will be interesting to see who Seattle tries in the middle and whether they can get the job done. Currently I'd consider Mathew Barzal as the only Center on the Tbirds roster... although I know Alexander Delnov played there quite a bit (unsuccessfully) last season. You'd have to think this probably moves Delnov back to the middle and Justin Hickman will probably see time up the middle as well.


Mr Tell13 said...

don't mind the trade at all as long as it leads to something else. Since as you mentionned, the depth at center is kind of like kiddie pool level at this point.

Its not to say that guys on the lineup can't learn, but if you don't bring anybody in with some experience, it is very risky.

One area that really got hurt i the off season so far is the PK. The tbirds lost the majority of their fwd stallward on the pk unit.

How long before Barzal plays 25 minutes a games?

Thunnex said...

I'm usually very cautious about these sort of things... but I'm pretty comfortable saying the Barzal will be playing a LOT of minutes from the very beginning.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Eansor play center? I know he hasn't played in the dub yet but the team seemed very high on him.

Kodi said...

I think this is a good trade. If you have a team that's been bad the past few years and they get better quality draft picks you have to make room for these players some how. It's all about upside.

I still believe the T-Birds will take some big steps forward and I also believe we will be seeing a few more trades as we are really heavy in the young D department to the point that if we keep Forseberg (which I hope we do) then they aren't going to be able to play them all.

Speaking of Forsberg and Centers......

Thunnex said...

Yeah... good call on Eansor. He IS listed as a Center but I'd be pretty concerned about him playing there until I actually saw him play there in a WHL game. But you're right... good call. They are probably expecting him to play up the middle.

I also think this means Lane Pederson makes the team. The team really likes him and he played Center in training camp last year a well.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere (maybe here) that Wray had been released. Can anyone confirm if that is the case? He would have been the only 18yo forward on the team, unless you count Green as a forward.

So true about heavy on defense. Austin Douglas (17) and Ethan Bear (16) are signed and will be challenging for spots as well.

Kodi said...

I cross referenced Alan's prospect list and pulled out college commits and 15 year old centers

Mathew Barzal Center 5'11", 165 lb
2013-14 age: 16 Acquired: 2012 1st round bantam pick
signed a WHL education contract

Ashton Clark Center 6'1", 150 lb
2013-14 age: 17 Acquired: listed player

Scott Eansor Center 5'8", 180 lb
- Eansor has signed a WHL education contract
- Eansor missed most of 2012-13 with injury

Carter Folk Center 6'0", 180 lb
2013-14 age: 17 Acquired: 2011 4th round bantam pick
- unsure if Folk has signed WHL education contract, but played preseason games in 2012-13 and is thus committed to the WHL

Ryker Leer Center 5'11", 170 lb
2013-14 age: 18 Acquired: listed player

Lane Pederson Center 5'11", 160 lb
2013-14 age: 16 Acquired: 2012 5th round bantam pick
- Pederson has signed a WHL education contract

Unknown said...

I'm a bit surprised that they traded Sanvido. But it does seem logical that it might open the way for a 20 yr old goalie (if so I hope he remembers how to play in the regular season). I also agree that there could be a move coming with all the young D the T-birds have. I'm not sad to see Johnson go, I don't think the T-birds wanted him playing 20+ minutes a night just because he was the only center on the team with Barzal. I never really noticed him much when he was on the ice last year.

Anonymous said...

I was fine with this trade, I did not understand all the negative coments on face book today.

Thunnex said...

Yeah, I don't really understand the facebook comments either.

I'm really averse to self promotion... but I always wish I could steer these people here so that maybe we can help them understand a little better. (stepping off high horse now)

Anonymous said...

I agree that the two players involved in the trade wouldn't have enough value to fetch a quality goaltender, but there are definitely some 'head scratchers' in regards to this trade. While most of us are disappointed with Sanvido's career in Seattle as a 14th overall pick, it should be noted that he did take a huge step last year in terms of points and +/-. I for one would not be surprised to see Sanvido score 20 goals and Johnson a modest 10 for the Broncos this season. I would further say that Conner is good enough to have a future playing hockey somewhere beyond this season. And yet it seems puzzling that we gave up these 2 players for so little in return. Seems further puzzling that we have depleted our crop of experienced Centers, yet we might end up using one of our 20 spots on a 'goon' winger in a large pool of Wingers? Is an enforcer who never scores more valuable to the organization than a potential 20 goal scoring Center? That's where I'm having a hard time with this one.

Thunnex said...

Couple things...

One, I wish him the best but I'd be very surprised if Sanvido plays professional hockey. Might be able to play CIS, but I doubt he plays pro hockey. I think Lockhart is/was a much more rounded player and is playing CIS.

Second, I'd agree with you he might score 20 goals but it wasn't too long ago that fans would complain mercilessly about a 20 year old player "only" scoring 20 goals. I'm not picking on you specifically, I have no idea whether you said that but I think fans are right to a certain extent that you hope for more production out of a 20 year old player.

I'm still thinking this is more about choosing Swenson over Sanvido and they'll bring in another 20.

I know there is a thought that Elliot will be kept to "protect" Barzal but I just don't really see that happening. With the (unfortunate) decrease in fighting over the years and the instigator rules, there just isn't as much opportunity for old school "protection" of players.

Anonymous said...

The things that make the Elliot decision more difficult are the need to protect Barzal and the fact that we finally saw the player we've been hoping to see during the playoffs last year. Especially at Kelowna, Elliot camped in front of goal and really caused them a tough time with his size and strength.

Kodi said...

I've noticed in junior sports there are two big fan bases.
1. The fan that goes to the game expecting the team to win.
2. The fan who goes to the game to support the player regardless of the outcome. It's made easier in junior sports as the players are far more accessible.

Yes this is over simplified and people can fall in to both categories but it explains why the people on Facebook feel the way they do. They care more about the player then what the organization is trying to accomplish. (Plus there will always be the GM bashers that exist in EVERY sport).

An example would be Elliot.
He's a model person, smart, big, some of the ladies feel he is "dreamy" but to me as an x's and o's type of person those qualities don't matter to me. To me I have to ask which player makes the team better. That being said getting rid of Sanvido confuses me as the 29 points put up by Sanvido are much higher then the 4 put up by Elliot. Sanvido was also very good in the PK and was showing the jump in front of the puck style that Luke was using and gave you a short handed goal threat.

This leads me to believe that there is either another deal coming (I think they are going to go after a 20 year goaltender like Cooke) and Mitch is going to get the boot or they are trying to acquire draft picks so they have more trading pieces so they don't have to sell the farm to fill spots on the team.

Kodi said...

To add one more thing I would have liked to see AJ go through camp. Mainly because I'm all about competition and I have no problem watching the team play the on ice version of thunderdome where 40 skaters enter and 20 leave. One of the nice thing about having so many young talented picks is that they can push each other to become better.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kodi- simplified or no, I totally understand and agree with your point about fans of junior sports. I for one have no problem admitting that I show up to see the team win and could care less about the politics of which players are loved for their character within the organization. That said, it is time to get real about Elliot.Tyler's comments about 20 goals being expected of an overager are spot on, and as for the comment about Elliot's physical play around the net.. I agree that its important to have a body like that on the roster, but that skill alone is not worthy of taking a 20 spot. They can't give away Sanvido only to keep a guy who doesn't put up points, so I'm thinking cut Mitch and make room for a 20 goaltender.

Mr Tell13 said...

I agree with Tyler about the trade being a choice between Swenson and Sanvido.

As for Elliot, as much as he is a great kid, I doubt that this trade was about him at all. I don't even think Farwell can pull out a Sheen -Doty type trade in this situation. My guess (a very uninformed guess) is that they might keep Elliot around for training camp, try their best to trade for a 20 y/o goalie, keep him around til the overager limit and cut him. This way he still gets his scholarship money for the year.

I don't even see him staying the full year even if they don't get another 20 y/o goalie. Even if people love he way he played in the playoff, the results were simply not there.

Kodi said...

Mr Tell-

I agree with you 100%, he is here until we get something better (goaltender or someone who is dropped that doesn't cost us a draft pick) or we need the roster spot for someone who has a higher upside.

Anonymous said...

i think (hope) this trade leads into the acquisition of alex forsberg. maybe a forsberg and mac engel coming in for mitch elliot, a couple prospects and a couple draft picks. i think prince is realizing they shot themselves in the foot but allowing the coach to say the things he said about alex, maybe its true, maybe not, but value decreased, and now they should get what they can for him. mitch is probably the odd man out here, and sending him home for his last season in the dub is the right thing to do. engel isnt probably the most ideal goalie but i think russ and steve want one of the younger goalies to take the starting job and run with it. engel is and would be a decent back up, and adding forsberg to a team with trook, swenson, lippy, delnov and barzal ( not to mention his brother ) and all the other younger players who were making steps could force alex into what everyone saw in him... just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

You don't use a 20 yr old spot on a backup goalie.

Kodi said...

You also don't use it on a forward who has played 4 years (263 games) with only 10 goals and 16 assists

Anonymous said...

Kodi for the win once again! I have read all of the 'upsides' of keeping Mitch as an O/A. The physicality, the likeability, the veteran leadership, and so on. While it may all be true and then some, we need Swenson, Forsberg, and an experienced netminder if we are seriously going to go for it this year.

Anonymous said...

I had to stop reading the FB comments because they were just too infuriating. I comment every once in a while, but the stupidity is rampant.

Anonymous said...

Corbin Boes is a 20 y/o right? With Curtis Honey coming along nicely in Brandon, we could probably pick up Boes for less than Cooke would cost. At least as far as I can tell. Thoughts? Am I missing something major?

Kodi said...

It would only cost us less if you consider that Brandon wants to ship him out of the division so they only have to play him once. If he goes to waivers I'm sure there are plenty of teams that did worse then us that could pick him up.

If the plan is to go after a 20 year old goalie you will have to pay a bit more to ensure you get what you want.

Anonymous said...

S0rry to throw a curve at your musing...but Corbin Boes was traded to Lethbridge on draft day

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