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Hockey Challenge 2014

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TBird games in Portland

Just a quick note that Portland has released their promotion schedule, and location of all their games.

Seattle plays six games in the wonderful Rose City.

They play 3 games in the old / new "Veterans Memorial Coliseum".  I say new because I dont think the Birds have played a game in there since the new full size ice went in.  I have been to a game there since then, and I must say, the difference is well, same building, bigger ice.  Nothing else really has changed.

And the Birds get to play 3 games in the old "Rose Garden" / new "Moda Center at the Rose Quarters".  I say old because that was the name until this week.  The building rights have been acquired by Moda Healthcare of Portland, OR.  They have not released a logo yet, but I think it is safe to say that if a player gets hurt while playing there, their medical bills are covered.

As far as promotions go, a new one this season, two old ones, and one missing.

As we all know, for the first time in what seems like 213 years, Seattle and Portland will not play their annual New Years Eve game.  So out goes the old, and in comes the new (Ha, ha).

The first that stays the same is the Mascot game.  Seattle has been involved in a couple of these lately.  The other that stay the same goes for a very good cause, so I cant complain about it, is the Teddy Bear Toss".  Ah heck, I can complain about it.  Great cause, great event, but why cant it be like the first two years Everett did it against Seattle, and got shut out both times.

And finally, the one I cant wait for, the new one this season.  It is the "The Boeing Company Paper Airplane Toss".  I am hoping this goes by the same rule as the Teddy Bear Toss, and every time the visiting team scores a goal, all the visiting team fans get to throw a paper airplane onto the ice.  Honestly, this one does sound like a lot of fun.

Date      Time      Location      Promotion
Sat. Sept. 28      7 pm MC
Tue. Nov. 12 7 pm MC
Sat, Dec. 14 7 pm VMC Les Schwab Teddy Bear Toss
Sat, Feb. 1 7 pm VMC
Fri, Mar. 7 7 pm MC Sterling Bank Mascot Night
Sat, Mar. 15 7 pm VMC The Boeing Company Paper Airplane Toss


Anonymous said...

Seattle Thunderbirds general manager Russ Farwell today announced the team has traded defenseman Taylor Green to the Brandon Wheat Kings for a conditional fifth round selection in the 2014 Bantam Draft. Green was the T-Birds second round selection, 26th overall, in the 2010 Bantam Draft.

With draft picks and trades like that no wonder why the team has been bottom dwellers for the recent past.

Things that make you go hmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

I agree with "With draft picks like that no wonder why the team has been bottom dwellers for the recent past." I disagree with "With trades like that no wonder why the team has been bottom dwellers for the recent past." They haven't drafted worth a crap for a while now. I actually don't have a problem with the returns being obtained for Sanvido, Johnson & Green. That's fair market value in my eyes. My issue is that the team overpaid on the front end. Sanvido was a 1st round bantam pick. Johnson cost a 4th round bantam pick to acquire. Green was a 2nd round bantam pick. My question to you is what would you have them do? All I can see is that until (if they ever) draft well, they need to continuously purge the roster of bad acquisitions to make room for new players and give them a chance to turn this organization around. It's an unproductive loop until (if they ever) get it right.

Anonymous said...

I posted at 6:29. You make a good point. In essence getting something back is better than nothing. However, a "conditional" 5th rounder kind of makes me think that would be a best case scenario. Nonetheless, trading a 26 for something near 100 is still a very bitter pill to swallow.

Anonymous said...

sometimes people just dont pan out. there is no room for Green on D and also he isn't over effective on forward to take up a roster spot. Seattle has quite a few really good young players coming in and Seattle needs to make roster room. I am happy that Seattle is atleast getting assets in return without having to outright release guys. Just cause Green was a 2nd round pick, doesnt mean that Seattle can get a 2nd rounder in return. I guarentee there will be more trades like this coming up because that just happens.

Anonymous said...

I like this trade and here is why: In my own mind Forsberg and Theodore are the top two D-men on the team (regardless of whether or not they play on a line together). From there I say Hauf and Smith are probably the next two in line. However, I really like what I have seen from Wardley lately. If he can learn to play a more disciplined game I think he could easily be the second line juggernaut this team needs so dearly (like Dillon was behind Hickey and Schappert for a while back in 08-09 or whenever that was). This leaves Foulk, who I see as potentially one of the best third line d-men in the league this year if he can continue to improve. Battling it out for those few remaining spots on the roster are Wolf, Bear, and Douglas, and probably a few others I am not thinking of right now. What I am trying to say is that someone had to go and Green was clearly the logical choice, so I don't care that we received minimal compensation for him. Keep Green and everyone loses especially the 96 and 97 born defensemen coming in. On that topic, I think Wolf's spot on the team only exists so long as Bear doesn't show him up. If Ethan Bear comes into camp and looks better than Wolf, I don't see that there would be any reason to keep him longer. If a guy can't get regular ice time as a 17 year old defenseman, his development will most certainly suffer for it.

Anonymous said...

I hope the tbirds try to find an "experienced" goalie.
Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

With the trades of Green and Sanvido, the number of current Thunderbirds roster players acquired in the 2008-2011 drafts is currently down to 11 of 39 overall players selected. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see that number reduced to 6 or 7 between now and October.

Mitch Elliot (5th round)

Branden Troock (1st round)
Justin Hickman (2nd round)
Evan Wardley (6th round)

Jared Hauf (1st round)
Shea Theodore (3rd round)
Justin Myles (5th round)
Daniel Wray (6th round)

Austin Douglas (2nd round)
Michal Holub (3rd round)
Kevin Wolf (10th round)

Anonymous said...

Unless Kevin Wolff went home and put on 20 pounds and learned to skate I have a really hard time thinking he'll make the team ahead of Douglas or Bear. I don't mean to sound harsh but there's a reason he didn't play much last season.

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