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Correction and Rouse hit

Correction from what I said earlier... there is NO free WHL stream for tonight's game. I guess that ended on the 29th.

Also... got to look at and replay the Rouse hit a few times. I think it is unfortunate because Rouse did bump him, it was from behind and the Klassen did go down hard. To that extent, as bad as the officiating was last night I really can't say I blame them for making the call.

Now... did Rouse deserve a Major? No, not really... there was no malicious intent. Might have been a bad decision but certainly nothing you would call dirty or excessive. I think I'm pretty comfortable with a major and a 1 game suspension. If he received anything more than that it would be excessive but to my knowledge he will get only the 1 game suspension.


Anonymous said...

what a surprise .... no comment after another portland v. seattle game.

Thunnex said...

Not really much to say... I didn't see the game and it looked like Portland kicked Seattle's ass.

Is that a pattern I have that I'm not aware of? Am I not giving Portland enough credit?

Anonymous said...

Remember when Chris compared Brad Ross to Kyle Beach back on November 28th and said he is a whinny little girl, but said the only difference is he is not much of a scoring threat? well... he does lead the team in points with 46 of them at the moment including two goals and an assist when they crushed the Birds last night... Kyle Beach has 41 points, five fewer than Ross. And someone else said Ian Curtis is terrible, cant control his rebounds, and has reflexes like a 70 year old woman. So then why does he have two shutouts against your Thunderbirds and a 15-5-0-1 record on the season if he is so terrible? By the way you cant say Portland relied on Nino Niederreiter to win the game either because he is playing his heart out for his country right now. It was too bad to see Pickard get pulled after Ross scored his breakaway goal in the third period. It wasn't that he was having such a bad game as much as the defence not being able to shut down Portlands offence.

Mike said...

ummm.. Curtis has 15 wins because his scores 345 goals a game... Portland has given up more goals than Seattle sparky!! Bad defense??

Mike said...

his team scores that is

Mike said...

You know I really cant stand this stupidity.. what would Calvin's record be if Seattle scored 5 goals a game and had 150 on the season??

Unknown said...

I wonder if anonymous is the same person in every post. Always crying and whining about what others say and do because he or she loves the feeling of proving someone wrong. I still would take beach over ross in a second, so what if he scored 2 goals last night, a lot of players have scored against the birds this year, and they are going to keep scoring against the birds for the rest of the year. We aren't very good, period. We can play good, we have good players, we just aren't good as a team. So if all you are going to do is point out what others have said that you think is wrong, then don't bother posting, or mike is going to get you every time. Haha.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is Mike, that Portland didn't have to score six times to win it last night, the first goal of the game stood as the winner! The other five just add cushion. By the way I completely agree with you that Calvin's record would be better too if Seattle could put up more than a measly 100 goals on the season so far. Thats not the issue. What I am saying is that Curtis is not as terrible as some would like to argue. Is Calvin good? Yes. Is Ian Curtis terrible? Hmmm, lets take a look here... well it looks like with a .904 save percentage that is actually better than 19 other goalies in the top 31. Weird. Matter of fact, thats even better than Jacob De Serres who has a .877 percentage. Is he terrible too? I actually thought he was pretty good. I guess when you play an offensive minded game and you know you can light the lamp more than 2 or 3 times per game you don't have to play so tight defensively, sometimes you will give up goals but as long as you can score more than your opponents you will come out on top.

Anonymous said...

Whether he is good overall or not, Curtis was on fire last night and he's looked pretty good in the other TBird games this year.

This is pure speculation on my part, but I think the team pays too much attention to the coaches. 2 games ago they were flat so they were probably told to go out there and hit some people and the came out checking and fighting but got some costly penalties. After the game the coach was talking about the need to cut down on penalties so tehy come out agains Portland and were not physical at all. I think we've seen similar situations where the team was told they weren't passing enough so they try to pass all night and don't get any shots off. Then the next game they take every shot they can but don't pass at all. Once again, pure speculation on my part, but that is what it looks like to me and I view that as a typical symptom of young players in any sport. They can focus on 1 thing but they don't have the experience to fill in the holes in the game that is caused by that focus.

Anonymous said...

I was glad to see Sumner erupt after the Pickard penalty. Total b.s. call that you don't make ever, yet alone when a team is already short handed.

The 4th and 5th goals of the game (Ross and Francis) are ones I bet that Pickard wishes he could have back. Both were essentially one-on-one attempts. When Pickard can see the puck he generally makes those saves.

Other than those two goals, and the eventual 6th goal off of Kyle, the Birds were in this game, despite being outplayed and outworked. We went into the 3rd period down 2-0.

We had some strong shifts early in the 3rd, but it wasn't the same energy level as Wednesday night's third period.

Sucks to lose to Portland every game this season, but they are clearly the more talented and better coached team.

Mike said...

Oh I see so Portland doesnt care if they give up 3-4 goals per game because they know for sure that they can score 4-5 every game so they really dont care about defense. I gotcha sparky. AND Curtis knows that he can give up 4 goals a game because his team will most definitely score 5. I see!

I never said Curtis sucked I have said in the past that he isnt good enough to carry this team very far into the playoffs.Where does his 3.4 GAA rank??

Lets see where your run and gun gets you in the post season against teams like Tri,Van and Spok!

Anonymous said...

The defense is sooo much better than years past. Just look at the shots per game from this season to years past. The difference is the Hawks have somewhat of an offense, which the Hawks have NOT had is years. As for Ross v Beach? I would take Ross.... he is 3 years younger.

brian in sherwood

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Thunnex said...

Guys... seriously. If you can't keep your comments at least semi-intelligent I'm just going to delete them. This isn't a democracy and this isn't your local street corner. I would love to believe that my fellow Seattle fans are in among the smarter (est?) fans in the league. Try to bring something to the table or go over to the message board.

If you think the Coach needs to be replaced, feel free to voice that opinion as long as you can be intelligent about it and give me a reason why... if you can't, don't bother.

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